Photobash V2.0 addon references won't load

The V2 addon is installed and the UI seems operative, but I can not get it to recognize the Krita References folder. Are the folder and files expected in a particular location? Should the reference photos be of a specific file type? JPG or something else?
I’m stalled. If necessary, can I reach the file’s programmer?

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If you had pinged @slightlyangrydodo like I did, or posted this in the correct topic, then this would possibly have been possible…


Hi there, and thank you for the ping @Michelist ! The Krita References folder needs to be specified before using if I recall correctly, with the button inside the UI. A lot of different file types are supported, so you probably won’t have a problem there!


Just wanted to give a quick update, by default, the plugin uses the computer’s Pictures location as the references folder, so if there’s no pictures there, nothing will appear.

Have you managed to get things working?

Yes, I got it working. I have a HUGE photos file. It would be nice in the future if users could select some other location. I had created a “Krita References” folder outside of the photos folder, so that didn’t work.
It’s a fine product and I will use it frequently. Thank you.

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