Krita Photobash Plugin v2.0 released!

Hi there! Just wanted to announce a new major release for Krita’s Photobash Plugin!

If you don’t want to read the following text, or want a demonstration of how it works, check out a short video here!

Whenever I tried to photobash, I always disliked the process of needing to have a folder with the images nearby, drag and drop them to the canvas or open them as a new layer from inside the application. For this reason I created a plugin to assist you with this task!

Some of the major new features are:

  • Drag and drop images from the docker to the canvas;

  • Pin images as favourites, which are remembered across restarts, and still persist even when searching;

  • Redesigned UI for much better workflow and quality-of-life improvements;

  • Improved scrolling of pages, now supports mouse wheel button, as well as Alt + Dragging to the left and right to scroll through the pages;

  • Bug fixes galore!

If you want to install or read more in-depth about how it works, head on over to the repository here to learn more!

A big thanks to everyone that gave feedback and helped make this release possible, with special note to @EyeOdin, for coding support and feedback!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have another plugin to update to Krita 5.0 :eyes:


Awesome! :star_struck: Having some work I need to do that benefit from photobashing this is going to be a great help :grin: Thank you for working on it

Also - extremely excited about that last line :eyes:

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it is nice to see it being released. GG.


This is a huge improvement compared to before. I like the preview of the picture and the use of the picture as a reference. The only problem is that I have too many pictures (about 60,000)… I have to use a separate software to classify them.

wow I am looking forward to the update of redesignUI. It and pigment.O are my favorite krita plugins

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i want try it now!!!

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I saw the video… its so awesome!!!

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Yeah, I actually wanted to improve that parte, it is rather sluggish with that many pictures. The biggest problem is that just the process of searching for the images takes too long.

I have some ideas for optimization, but the biggest one (parallelizing the fetch using threads) was quite tougher than I expected due to the way we generate images.

However, that is already in the list for v3!


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