Pixel Art House

A large version of a 64x64 pixel art wooden house I’ve made for a game using Krita. :house:


How ? I don’t understand sorry :sweat_smile:

oh i am on a school device so it is kids safe and then it was unblocked at one point and then the school just blocked it i don’t know why they blocked it but they did

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also how do i draw on krita cuz i just joined krita and i can’t find anything that says draw or start drawing or anything like that

Nice job : ) Btw you’d probably want versions of walls without windows for diversity.

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First, if you want to draw with Krita you must download it (if you haven’t already :sweat_smile:)
Here the link to the official download page : Krita Download
Then you just have to open it and draw what you want (if you’re new with this sofftware you can watch some tutorials if you want, like this one)

I hope it will help you :smile:

PS : It’s always better to have a graphic tablet (even without a screen), because with the mouse you cannot have pressure sensitive breushes working well … (it’s not an obligation though, pixel art works fine with a mouse)

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When the game design allows it, I would add versions that are not completely symmetrical, like having only two windows aligned left or right. A bit of asymmetry can make things look more interesting and natural since in real life things are rarely perfectly symmetrical.


Thanks, I will think about it :+1:

thank’s a lot ur da best color man :smiley:

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You’re welcome, I’m glad to be helpful :smile:

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Good job :grin::+1:

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