Please help testing Krita with Qt 5.15

We’re still using Qt 5.12 in our builds for production use, but Qt has reached 5.15 by now. We haven’t updated to newer versions because all versions after 5.12 have had showstopper bugs. But we will have to update some time, so Dmitry has made a build:

Already known issues:

  • Switching from tabbed to subwindows mode hangs Krita
  • Painting seems slower
  • Opening a dialog leads to weird flickering of the dialog’s and the main windows’ titlebars.

If you test this build, please add your findings to this thread, don’t make bug reports on yet!


Boud, this test with QT 5.15 is for linux? Is this prealpha an appimage? Just asking because it will determine which hardware I test it on.

No, it’s windows-only for now. I’ll ask Dmitry to also prepare an appimage.


Hi @boud

It’s on a minor release? Is it not better to do it on a major like 5.0.0?
Or to complex due to many changes made on 5.0.0?

I’m just curious :slight_smile:


This is just a test build; but the master branch currently has issues because of the resource rewrite, so even though Dmitry made a build of that, too, this is the one to test – and compare to regular 4.3 stable nightly builds so we can figure out what is Qt, and what are our own bugs.

oh ok, I misunderstood :sweat_smile:
it’s not really planned for a 4.3.1 then

thanks for details :slight_smile:


Right-click on a layer in the layers docker does not bring up the menu.


We have to reset configuration before testing? because i can’t create a file (but maybe because i had subwindows mode activate) before resetting.

Yes, if you had subwindows enabled, you need to start with clean settings.

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After testing the version some times, i’ve noticed :

  • creating a new file seems to take more time (but maybe it’s flickering that make me feel this)
  • some flickering on the interface as mention on the first post
  • the right click popup wasn’t appearing at first but after closing and reopening my document, it was working
  • the advanced color selector was not updating after picking a color on the canvas with “ctrl” key
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Quick thing, the manual needs some updating regarding the resetting of configurations, I made the commit that added that feature from inside Krita a while back. I can write it, if you’d like :slight_smile:

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Yes, please! Make a merge request on

Will do! I’ll just have to finish some other things and I’ll get on it :slight_smile:

Here it is! Hope everything checks out :slight_smile:

I merged the MR there is one more place to add this change that is here. I’ll add it today.

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