Point and Click Adventure Game

Hey, I’m Marvin. Since a few years I work for an own Adventure Game. The script is almost done, I can handle with the program very well, but the project failed because of the missing drawings, because I really can’t draw.
The game is kind of a fantasy-comedy. It’s about a student called Cornelius, also called Corny, who buys at the beginning of the game a jar of jam, which teleports him later to a strange, mysterious world. I don’t want to reveal more yet.
I am looking for someone who is just as motivated to implement this project with me and would help me with the drawings.
That means I need backgrounds, characters, items, some animations etc. More details can be discussed. Since I am still a student, a fee is not provided, however, I wanted, as soon as the game is finished, to start a crowdfunding campaign and we could certainly agree on a fee then. Of course, such a campaign is not 100% safe, which is why it’s all about the fun ;). Maybe we find more people who are interested in this Project. The game will be released later on Steam.
If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me. Im looking forward for every help.

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