Pop-Up Palette and Brush Presets Options


I was wondering if a feature option can be added in both the Pop-Up Palette and Brush Presets areas in reorganizing brushes. For example:

Pop-Up Palette:
The brushes I use majority of the time is not appearing in the Pop-Up Palette nor is there a way to remove/add/rearrange brushes. I know you can increase the number of brushes for a brush preset, but if the minimum is 10 and that’s a good number of brushes to work with, then it should be easy to just reorganize them. Like drag/drop brushes within the circular area of the Pop-Up Palette or right-click on a brush to change the brushes in/out of it. Also, can it be possible to have the brushes in the Pop-up Palette correspond with the brush presets in order of appearance (i.e. first row, left to right, 1, 2, 3, etc). When I press a brush in the Pop-Up Palette, it will just select brushes that are out of order in the brush presets. In other words, the Pop-Up Palette seems to just randomly select brushes, whether it is mostly used or not.

Brush Presets:
There isn’t a way to reorganize brushes in the brush presets. Can it be an option to drag/drop brushes within the brush presets in the order the user needs. To remove a brush(es) just to have it at the top/left of the brush preset is not very productive.

Thanks for considering the suggestions.

I know that the popup pallette works with tags… Tag your favorite brushes for hair, stones, foliage (to name just a few categories you could make and then set the popup palette to show the tagged brushes.)

“… A group of brush presets, based on the tag selected by the artist. By default the My Favorite tag is selected. By default only first 10 presets from the tag are shown, however you can change the number of brush presets shown by changing the value in the Miscellaneous Settings Section of the dialog box…”

Thank you for replying. That’s not what I’m asking. I know about that (as mentioned in my initial post). What I am asking is for there to be an option to rearrange/reorganize brushes in both the Pop-Up Palette and/or the brush preset area.

Ok, I wasn’t sure if you did know about that since you didn’t mention the word, tags.
The idea of being able to rearrange the brushes in the popup pallette sounds great though!

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Not true though; you said:

And that’s not true, because you can make a special tag “popup palette” and assign to it all of the brushes you want to have there and none of those that you don’t want to have there, you’ll end up with that selection of brushes. (In Krita 4, it’s best to create your own custom tag than use one of the default ones; in Krita 5 it will be fixed though).

There is no way to reorder brushes, true. There has been talk about it. I’m pretty sure it’s on the list either here somewhere on the forum (especially in the thread about tagging… or at least about the resource manager) or bugzilla.

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In the section “Brush Presets” I mentioned that removing brushes just to rearrange is not productive, but “tagging” wasn’t said. But yeah, it would be nice if the custom tags can be represented in the Pop-Up Palette, but the current version just random select brushes to put in the palette. For example, in my “My Favorites” tag, I have more than 10 brushes in that tag. I like that its just 10 brushes and don’t want to increase the amount as the brush icons will get smaller. So to rearrange the brushes (or even add/remove from the palette, or even the palette recognize the order in the tag) inside the Pop-Up Palette itself.

I just hope in Krita 5, it will be an option. Just find it unproductive to reach over to pick a brush that I love using that the Pop-Up Palette is not letting in without increase the number of brushes.

You can already show brushes from any particular tag in the palette.

The tag list for brush preset will show you the list of both custom and default tags to choose from, selecting a tag from this list will show the corresponding brush presets in the palette.

The order of the brush presets in the brush presets docker is alphabetical by the full name of the brush preset. The only way to change the order would be to make your own personally named presets with a suitable custom tag on them.

In the popup palette, they are also arranged in alphabetical order provided the palette has enough spaces to accomodate all the presets in the tag that has been selected for display in the palette.
If it doesn’t then they are arranged alphabetically but some are dropped from presentation. I don’t know how it’s decided which ones to drop.

If you’ve set your palette to show only 10 presets, you need to create some tags with a maximum of 10 presets assigned to them.
You could try increasing the number of palette preset slots to 15 and get used to the smaller icons?

Would be cool to have the palete show the most used brushes for a tag or in generel, and sort by usage. I think i suggested this already some time ago but never checked where it went.

In current releases there is no logic behind it unfortunately, it just stops reading presets when the slots are used up, so it is whatever comes first in the internal storage which you can consider random.

For 5.x however it reads from a resource model that lists them in alphabetical order, so it should match the first presets you see in any preset chooser in Krita.

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