Posting guide lines for a happy open community

I think we all agree people here have a very welcoming/chill vibe which helps a lot of newcomers to overcome shyness and fear and post their work to share their passion.

Since some members are doing their first community move it often results in a poorly titled topic like “what do you think ?” and a single image posted without any context, “making of” words or explanation.

The thing is I see a lot of those lately and I thought maybe we miss some kind of guidelines ? 0r did I miss them?

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While probably not the greatest way to post something, I don’t see anything wrong with this. Sometimes there isn’t much to say about an artwork or you want the viewers to draw their own conclusions.

Only time I find it confusing is when it gets posted to #lounge or something and then it’s not clear if this was simply posted to the wrong category or if it’s someone else’s artwork they want to discuss.

It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about helping posting in a better fashion. This helps artists presenting their work and readers to have a nicer experience.

And how would we enforce the guidelines? Honestly I don’t think any new user even had read the code of conduct before they post. I understand what you’re saying but I think it’s just impossible or very hard to do?

What kind of guidelines did you think about, do you already have an idea? I think we already have a few, like you shouldn’t post plagiarized works and put links to references next to your work, if you made heavy use of them. That’s pretty much it.

On the bug tracker (and other websites) it’s very smartly done by pre-filling fields with advice/examples that are read in a glance.

For example in the title field “Try to resume/x/y/z your work in a sentence here”
In the body, we could have more than just functional instructions.

Things don’t have to be complicated. Just a nice title is enough oftentimes.

Sure lots of people don’t read the code of conduct etc but that’s not a reason for not having one. Same for writing guidelines/advice

We have this pre filled text in the support section, often enough this results in people just posting this text with theirs without editing it or removing it when it doesn’t apply to them.

It is nice to see people writing something about their work but I don’t see an issue if they decide not to.

I think this topic would be better placed in #site-feedback, what do you think?

As I told you, a relevant title is enough for me. “Check this out” doesn’t fit for me.
Yeah site-feedback seems better !


While this could be a totally valid title I understand what you mean. Maybe the form could have a message next to it saying “use a descriptive title”. That’s probably all that can be done.

But for artworks? I mean, take @Sineater’s works for example. The titles rarely give a impression of the works and there is often no further description and that’s okay, in my opinion.

For the other categories I agree topics should have a good subject line.


I’d just like to chime in that I think Sineater’s titles are for the most part pretty much spot on. Have a look at his gallery, the title and the art match perfectly.

As for the rest, I’ll let you two duke it out. :slight_smile:

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The current code of conduct already contains some guideline advices…
But advices about pertinent title/category/content of a topic are almost oriented for general categories, not for artworks

Concerning artworks, choice of title is also a part of the artwork

As I agree that sometimes we have some “pooped” topics, usually things are fixed by some regular user/admin or a flag…
For me there’s currently no needs to give more guidelines than what we already have in code of conduct

And in last 2 years, I saw many “newbie” here, they come, tries to post anything without following any rules, and finally don’t stay because they’re always corrected by others users and finally have no audience here…


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