Preference Drawing tablet, or graphics tablet ?

I thought I might ask the artists here and hopefully start a conversation on their preferences regarding tablet types. I am fortunate enough to have a Cintiq as well as recently coming to own an Intuos graghics tablet. (Intuos purchased cheap for the stylus) Until I started to use the Intuos graphics tablet, I really thought that the Cintiq or other brand of drawing tablets was the only way to go to draw or paint. Once I started to use the Intuos instead of the Cintiq, I changed my mind and became a convert to the graphivs tablets. Not only are they cheaper than the monitor type drawing tablets, but they have all the same features and functions too. So my question is more of a curiosity. If you have used both a drawing monitor tablet and graphics tablet like intuos, which approach do you prefer and why ?

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I like Cintiq style tablets because it’s easier to connect two points with a line when you can see the surface you’re drawing on. With an Intuos style tablet I feel like I’m fumbling in the dark when drawing geometric figures. They are fine for portraits or nature where there’s less need for straight lines.

One advantage of an Intuos style tablet is that you can tape a paper to the surface and get really nice friction at the stylus tip.

I get your point about a straight line but I found that Krita accounted for that too. The straight line tool allows you to draw a straight line in either type of tablet. Regarding the paper on the Intuos, now that is an idea, although the Intuos has some tooth to it already. For me, the Cintiq adds a bit more confidence in my strokes since it is going straight from my hand to the tablet but other than that, I’m not seeing much more it can add. I will give you that there are 4k Cintiq tablets, but I suspect if you have a 4K laptop monitor that the Intuos can provide you with that 4K experience as well.

Sure. They use the same technology so an Intuos is just as good as a Cintiq.
The only difference is if you prefer to look down on the drawing surface or straight ahead on a screen. Luckily both options are available. :slight_smile:

They have been the same for years and years now. I hope they (all tablet makers) get inspired by Apple and their iPad pencil. It would be awesome to be able to draw with the side of the stylus and get a different line quality than if you use the tip.

The line tool is good, but the lines are usually too straight for me. As if a machine made them. And they don’t have the same line quality as my hand drawn lines. Not saying that they are worse, but mixing hand drawn and line tool can make the image look less coherent.

I am using normal graphic tablet. I noticed that drawing on screen while good is not the same as drawing on the tablet. The tablet is more responsive and also there is not issue of colour management, heat from screen while working for long hours, slippery feel, parallax effect etc. Many of my friends too sold their display tablets. This is just my personal opinion many other may think or prefer otherwise.

I think a non-screen tablet is more comfortable as you can draw with your hand/forearm resting horizontally, while looking straight on at the screen - and without your hand obscuring the image. I think it would be harder to maintain a good posture with a screen tablet - unless you had it set vertically.

Precision isn’t a problem once you’ve been using a tablet for a while.

I should probably say - I’ve not used a screen tablet though aside from ipad. :wink:


I think you hit on all the salient points. In my experience, these are all issues when it comes to drawing on screen, Parallax not so much anymore. The moment i started using my graphics tablet, I was immediately struck by the responsiveness and feel. The colour management was not an issue any longer and the drawing experience was a lot more comfortable.

Almost overnight, the simple graphics tablet became my primary tool. The other added benefit is the portability and durability of the graphics tablet. My Cintiq is sitting on a desk in my studio, whereas my graphics tablet goes with me when I need to run.

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I have many years of experience working with a non screen tablet and I find it a bit hard to do lineart (I have to zoom a lot to make the experience a bit better). Although I haven’t tried any Cintiq, I have the impression it is way easy to do lines on the iPad, even with my finger (and it doesn’t have parallax or colour issues). The main problem is the apps still being very limited when compared with desktop software like Krita. Does anyone have the same feeling?

tho you already asked that in my post i will just paste it here to other people sharing.

i tried using a screen tablet cintiq for a month and to be Honest, they suck sold it right away, and my opinion is shared with professional artists working at League of Legends and other videogames, they prefer the fast accuracy feeling smoothness responsivness and a long etcneess xD of a graphic tablet than screen tablets.
i’m a programmer and with this graphic tablet i can Feel the pixels data flowing from my mind onto my hands printing on canvas with no filters onto my art so trippy i love it.

Very interesting video about all this:


Thanks Oliver,
It took me a long time to escape from the dark side. Darth “Cintiq” Vader was too powerful a draw (pun intended :stuck_out_tongue: ), and to be honest, my back would punish me for that decision every chance it had. Then one day I started using a tablet and I saw the light. Thanks for the youtube channel it was awesome and gave me a few ideas for my own set up.

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It’s funny really cause I used to revere the cintiq like some holy relic that I longed one day to possess. Now I’m older and wiser…

well… older anyway… :thinking: