Problem with Gradient Maps // Windows 10 x64

Hi everbody,

I have a problem with the gradient map tool with the latest 4.3.0 version and couldn’t find any related topics yet.
I cannot find the option to save new gradients and if I choose to create a filter mask instead of applying to the picture it doesnt show any colours.
Since I’m rather new to Krita I assumed it’s just my lack of knowledge but maybe it’s a bug.

If I open the gradient tool the options look lilke this:

no options showing.
If I click on the presets the bar showing the preset gradients are HUGE and can only display one gradianet at a time.

I expected a menu more like that (found on a youtube guide):

I know it’s a different version, but I assumed there would still be an option for saving gradients in updated versions.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The presentation of available gradients in that filter mask/layer has changed from version 4.2.9 to version 4.3.0, as you described.
There has been a similar change in presentation, from 4.2.9 to 4.3.0, for palettes in the vector stroke/fill colour tool options.

Personally, I prefer the 4.2.9 presentation though the change may have been made to show a ‘larger/better’ image of the gradients and palettes.
Then again, it may be a bug that has been introduced.
I suggest that you wait to see if anyone knows anything about it. if not then you could raise a formal bug report here:
If you do that, please put a link to the resulting bug report in a reply to this topic.

In 4.3.0 you can edit, create and save new gradients using the Gradients icon on the Toolbar:

This was a bug, and the bug has been fixed in the stable nightly builds.

Thank you for that heads-up Boud.
This isn’t the first time I’ve been reminded to check the nightly builds :man_facepalming:

Thanks a lot! It’s awesome to have such fast replies!

I’ll go and check the nightly builds.

I installed a nightly build (5.0.0 git 6240042) and it solved the huge preset gradient bars.
Unfortunately I still cannot create a filter mask from a gradient map, it’s just an empty layer. I chose ‘create filter mask’ - am I doing something wrong?

Another question: I found the option to save new gradients (thank you!) but there is no way to change them while creating the map, is that correct? I do a gradient and use it later to do the map and cannot save changes at that point?

It’s very not recommended that you use the nightly 5.0.0, unless you’re testing bugs and new features.
The nightly Stable is recommended:

It looks like you can adjust the gradient while creating the map but not save it.

Please use Krita Plus (Krita Stable) builds (it will be Krita 4.3.0-git… or maybe Krita 4.3.1-git…, not 5.0.0-git…), not “Krita Next”. There is resource rewrite going on there in 5.0.0 and not everything is working correctly yet.

To create and save gradients, please use the gradient drop-down from the toolbar - click on the gradient icon and you’ll get it. There are all options for gradient resources. Later you can use them on a gradient map and edit just before use, too.