problem with selection in krita

Hi. my question is : how to copy-paste a selection in a frame to another frame without making an extra layer.

I want to copy peace of a frame which I have selected and paste it to another frame but krita create a new layer.
Can anyone help?

Cntrl+E merges the selected layer with the one below, if you need to do something else you can check the layer options which are on the top bar of the Krita workspace next to image, options, etc.
Hope it works :slight_smile:

Thank you for reply.
well I don’t want to merge the layers. in each layer i have frames and merging them make the frames disappear.
plus in every frame there is some drawings that I want to copy it to the next frame. but ctrl+c and ctrl+v make a whole new layer, which I don’t an new layer.

I hope somebody could help me

Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V are only of use for static non-animated layers/images.

An animated layer is in a different ‘space/domain’ and you have to do it on the Timeline with right-click on a frame then ‘copy to clipboard’ and ‘paste from clipboard’.

To bring a non-animated image into animated space, you right-click on its frame-0 on the Timeline and select Create Duplicate Frame.
That gives ou an animated layer with content on frame-0, whch you can then move around etc.

To take a frame of an animated layer out of animated space you copy the layer, select the frame and then Flatten Layer in the Timeline.
However, that has a problem at the moment in 4.4.2 and it doesn’t Flatten it into a non-animated paint layer.