Problems with the loomis methods

Hi, as I would like to invent characters from immagination, I am trying to use the Loomis method to construct a basic face but I am having a lot of troubles with extreme angles. The fact is I cannot make a decent face!!! I thought that maybe I was wrong in constructing the ball so I worked from the model provided by this site: Loomis Head - Download Free 3D model by Joel (@ohsnapitsjoel) [b7e2cd6] - Sketchfab
and I drew over it but the result is painful as you can see from the attached images:

Where is my mistake?

i feel like the jawline isnt symmertrical when thniking in 3d space
here i draw quick corrected one with mouse :smiley:

also try to “construct” the nose more

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Like so?

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While practicing the Loomis method I encountered another problem: I am not able to draw a character consistently looking the same as you can see in the attached image:

Where is the mistake? I carefully made the chopped off slice 2/3 the size of the head so I can’t figure out where is the mistake I am making. Could you also give me a critique on the heads I have drawn to know if there are errors I don’t see?
I don’t know if it just happens to me but I am finding the Loomis method hard to master!

Yep Sepnax is right. The illustration jaw line isnt aligned that well with how the bottom line of the ball going from ear to ear.

To get him looking consistently the same try drawing more planes as guides. You have the general look good, the detail is off though. That mostly just a question of practicing and getting better at lining up thing.

Try practicing drawing skulls. Then when you go for the real head you can imagine the bone structure beneath

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I would check first if your in orthographic mode and change to perspective and if your camera lens is on 75. That should fix you display issues in 3d.

And for what I understand of Loomis you gotta draw as if building on top of the lines and not be restricted by it.

I don’t see the way on sketchfab to change to perspective mode and set camera lens on 75. Could you tell me where is the place to change settings? I cannot find it even if i log in to their site.

I don’t use sketchfab. I use other 3d apps.

I’m thinkinking I am very stupid but I cannot figure out this:

At this poit I don’t really know if I will ever master Loomis method!!!
Thank in advance

I don’t follow the Loomis method. But I came across this on the Wacom website… Wacom - how-to-draw-a-head

Here is a screenshot (I highlighted the eyebrow line and nose) from that page:

This is another site:

What method do you use?

Much like this person does on YouTube

Here’s the link to the video (-- may contain ads)

Not loomis but I saw this on Kaycem’s channel

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