PureRef Image display tool

Not really Krita resource but something really useful if you into image references, moodboards whatever you wanna use it for.



Yes, Pureref is great! I use both PureRef and Krita’s reference images. Sometimes simultaneously on the same artwork—they fulfill different tasks for me.

I use PureRef regularly, I love how it can just hover over Krita, it’s a great piece of software


Interesting. Did not know.
I will download to know better.
Thanks @Soma for the tip.

PureRef is amazing! Have been using it for a while! I love how you can launch different previous reference boards straight from the taskbar by right clicking the icon! :grin:

PureRef wasn’t really working in my case as my Linux distro doesn’t allow it to float above krita window when it’s in fullscreen (which it always is in my case).
But dropping some images on canvas with reference tool, actually works quite well for a small moodboard, while the main 1:1 reference for direct studies can be kept in different view.
I even wrote a simple script that takes zoom, rotation and mirror values from the artwork and applies them to the reference making it always the same size and angle as the actual image. I find it very convenient to be able to zoom a lot and still be able to see both reference image and artwork with exactly the same size with just one keyboard shortcut.
Still haven’t found how to get and set pan to with a script yet, that would make it even more automated :slight_smile:

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I personally prefer Snipaste, it’s free, doesn’t add a container as a clutter, everything works pretty naturally too. Just wanted to mention if someone was looking for alternatives ;0