Python tool to generate Graphics variations

I’m generating content that I use for social media.
Most of the time are images that I post on Pinterest.
The work I do is quite simple for example
1 to 2 layers with some photos
1-2 layers with a different type of fonts and text
1-2 layers with some 2d graphics
1-2 layers with extra icons

I will need someone with a good knowledge of python scripting in Krita
The idea is to generate a tool (a Krita plugin) that can create many different variants from the same “template”
Imagine for example the same image with many different types of fonts
Or with a different color pallette
Swapping the images with others
Swapping the icons
Randomize font size
etc etc
and save out all these different variants in a folder.

Is someone interested?
I would like to have a zoom call and talk about the details and have a quote.
Please contact me by replying to this message.

Daniel Pemy

From what I understand you don’t even need Krita. You could probably do this with plain PIL or ImageMagick. The thing is that Krita is currently still very limited and you can’t do much directly on the canvas with python.

Thank you
Yes you are right it is possible to do what I need with a python scripting
(for a good python developer)
I will need a certain level of control
so for example randomize fonts from a selected list that I can update
randomize colours based some basci criteria (the color of some of the images)
Some criteria to format the text
Is anyone interested?
Do you suggest to post this job description elsewhere?

Please let me know

Since this forum is mostly for artists I recommend posting it on a more programming focused site to up your chances of getting a response. We do have developers here but they mostly work on Krita itself or general use plug-ins. Your use case is pretty specific.

This doesn’t really need Krita scripting. Just make an initial template in Krita with vectors (leaving spaces for images). Then export as an SVG.

The SVG is pretty much similar to HTML, so it can easily be changed or randomized in any programming language even by a beginner programmer. If you need it in a specific format that is not SVG, then that would be a bit more work but shouldn’t be a problem.

OK thanks for all your feedback.

I will need also a developer to build a simple UI where I can control certain parameters of randomization and preview the results and make visual decision base on that.
I will post this job somewhere else.
Let me know if anyone here is interested and up for the task

Thanks again for your feedback.


Your need seems to be a little bit “complex”
I mean, not that it will be difficult to implement, but you have many things in your mind: to have an UI, to be able to do this or this or this, …

If you want to get chance to have a developer to help you, you have to be more precise about what you want:

  • Mockup of UI
  • Description of all options you need
    – Color: random-random or randomly picked in a list or random but consistent (ie: complementary color for example)
    – Font: random-random or randomly picked in a list or random in a combination of font (maybe some fonts might not be used together…)
  • Which input files format you want to work with
  • Which output files format you want to have

Doing it as a Krita plugin or as a dedicated autonomous tools
On which OS you want it, or it could also be an online tool…

My recommendation is to provide a precise description of what you want, and indicate:

  • What is really mandatory
  • What is optional

Don’t know what is your budget, but for a paid work like this one and depending of country in which developer is living, it could be (very) expensive…
So providing a precise description of what you need could help developer to have an idea of how many time is needed to create this tool, and provide you a proposition with costs.


I agree with Grum.

A very throughout PRD helps the developer to estimate the costs and time of the project and will help you find only people who actually think they can do this.

I’d expect 10 to 15 €/hour around here for entry to junior level devs. However freelancers usually cost much more than simple employees because they have more costs on their own you can basically double it. More experienced developers will charge even more but it could be cheaper in the end because they get things done faster. But rates can change depending on the country and even state or city, as mentioned by Grum.

Thank you so much for your feedback.
I agree I need to think about all the specifics first.
If you don’t mind I will post here a better description so you guys can give me more feedback (if you have time)

In order to find a developer online and get a quote would you suggest a specific website?

thanks again