Question about the Reply feature

Why is it that replying to a comment sometimes creates a neat thread that can be expanded and hidden, and sometimes just another comment without reference, although I clicked reply on the specific comment?

Am I missing something or does it just not always show?

I think I’ve noticed that on some of my replies but at the time I assumed I had a faulty memory of how I added my reply.

Edit:Add Yes, I clicked on ‘Reply’ under your first post but my reply is not shown as being directed at you.

@raghukamath should be made aware of this.

I’ll try a second one, made using ‘Reply’ at the end of your post.
Add: Yes, it looks like a problem.

I think it is intended. It only shows who the reply was for if someone else posted before.

If it’s only the same two people replying in turns it’s assumed they are naturaly replying to each other. And you can simply follow the thread.

But if someone is replying to a post that is not the latest one and a different user replied in the meantime this creates a new thread inside the topic withe the “jump to post” function on the reply and a “expand thread” function for the post people replied to.

If the conversation is uninterrupted (everyone simply replied to the latest post or the topic) this is not assumed to be needed.

A reply to the first post by @illarstration
Add: This doesn’t indicate that I was replying to illarstation.

A reply to the first post by @Takiro
Add: This one shows me replying to Takiro.

Discourse doesn’t have full threading system of reply like Reddit. It is one of the reason we didn’t host AMA here :(. Instead, it has a semi threading. It assumes all are either replying to the first post or to the post above. It only gives reply thread if there is a reply for a post in between. This is my understanding. I will try to search for exact mechanism.


This will show up as a reply thread under your post I think

Yes it does.
The initial topic post has no reply thread indicator showing. Is this because the initial topic post is regarded as the ‘main’ post and everything else is assumed to be associated with it?
“It is what it is” would be the simplest answer :slight_smile:

Yes it is assumed that every new post is a reply to the main post. So if it were to be having a dropdown thread then there would be too many arrow indicators below the first post.

Let us test what this would do.

That shows a new reply indicator on another of my posts. So, OK.

I was testing if the your reply to takiro’s post will show a second reply in the drop down

I like the way it works here because it encourages users to stay on topic and makes it easier to see the entirety of the relevant posts while on Reddit you have to expand every second reply because they are nested to infinity. I always think I miss something and hate reading on Reddit.

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Is this something you plan on implementing? I feel like a full threading system makes conversations clearer and easier to follow.

We use discourse software as is for the forum, Unless discourse developers implement it, we can’t enable it.

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