Questions about reliance on KDE

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This is just a question out of curiosity, but why is Krita so reliant on KDE software? Funding seems to come from patrons (as far as I know), so why not go in the route of Blender and so I’m wondering why Krita uses so much KDE software.

This not hating on Krita or KDE or anything like that, just out of curiosity.

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  1. We’re part of the KDE community. It is not that Krita is reliant on KDE software, it is that Krita IS KDE software, developed by the KDE community.
  2. Because we’re part of the KDE community, we don’t just share a lot of knowledge (because all KDE devs can do work on Krita), but we also share infrastructure. KDE provides things like build servers, git collaboration software, bugtrackers, servers for the website, mirrors for the downloads, as well as the less obvious stuff like privacy policies, legal stuff, translations, etc. etc. etc. We wouldn’t be able to do all of that on our lonesome.
  3. Also, it’s fun to be part of KDE :slight_smile: This isn’t visible outside, but the sense of community is definitely there.

I understand now, that clears it up really well! Thanks!

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Much of the development is actually funded by sales in the Windows store and the Steam store; as anyone can get exactly the same program for free and the only difference is that the stores give automatic updates, this is actually a covert way to get more donations :slight_smile:

Patrons, as in “Patreon”, wouldn’t work because that’s for a person, not for a project, and Krita isn’t only one person’s thing.

Otherwise, yes, what Wolthera said.

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Didn’t know about that, interesting… Thanks for clarifying!