Rakurri Shortcut and Navigation Set for Krita

These are two sets, one made for shortcuts and one made for navigation. The Shortcut Set is the main set with shortcuts, whereas the Navigation Set is made for Blender users that want to navigate their painting application in the same way as their 3D application.

At first I was hesitant to release it, as it is highly subjective, and I imagine that people have strong opinions about their shortcuts, but if just one person find this pack useful or time-saving, then I am happy! I also think it can be an interesting discussion about what shortcuts can be made into something more universal and memorable. I remember someone was curious about the shortcuts I used and I said that I might make a post later! (I think, It was a looong time ago and I don’t quite remember who or when, but here it is haha)

Shortcut Set

The optional Shortcut Set is made to make more sense for new users to Krita as the shortcuts are closer to other programs where it makes sense, and use letters associated with what the shortcut does. The set might also be helpful to current users that want some (subjectively) easier shortcuts or shortcuts for more tools!

Here is the list of changes I have done to the default shortcuts, and explanations on why I made them:
("_" means there is no shortcut assigned)


Decrease Brush Size
[ → A

Increase Brush Size
] → S

Reasoning: Nordic and other keyboards does not have dedicated “[” and “]” buttons. “A” and “S” are also much easier to reach. This makes it much more universal!

Contiguous Selection Tool
_ → W

Similar Selection Tool
_ → Ctrl + W

Reasoning: I use these from time to time, so I want them accessible. “W” for “Wand”

Freehand Selection Tool

_ → Q

Polygonal Selection Tool
_ → Ctrl + Q

Magnetic Selection Tool

_ → Shift + Q

Reasoning: I use these a lot. “Q” looks like a lasso, so it is easy to remember and easy to reach!

Reference Image Tool

_ → Shift + R

Show Reference Images
_ → Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R

Assistant Tool
_ → Shift + A

Show Painting Assistants
_ → Ctrl + Alt + Shift + A

Reasoning: I think these deserve their own shortcuts, “R” for “Reference” and “A” for “Assistant”. The slightly advanced shortcut modifiers are because I don’t use it all the time.

Multibrush Tool
Q → Shift + B

Reasoning: I want brush tools to all be assigned to “B” for “Brush”. I rarely use the Multibrush so I want the easy to reach “Q” button for something else. Also, it is easy to press “Q” by mistake and draw for 10 minutes not knowing you are destroying a part of your image. This change solves this problem.

Ctrl + T → T

T → Ctrl + T

Reasoning: I always use Transform and almost never use Move, so “T” should be used for the most useful! Also “T” is easier to remember for Transform.

Show Rulers
_ → Alt + R


Invert Selection
Ctrl + Shift + I → Ctrl + I

Reasoning: I use this from time to time, so I want it to be an easier shortcut than less used features. Also making it the same as Blender

Ctrl + Shift + A → Ctrl + D

Reasoning: I Deselect often, and Ctrl + D is much easier to press. Also D for “Deselect”

Duplicate Layer or Mask
Ctrl + J → Shift + D

Reasoning: I think “D” for “Duplicate” makes more sense, and is easier to reach! Also it’s the same shortcut as in Blender so it fits my muscle memory.

Quitting, Closing and Export

Ctrl + Q → _

Ctrl + W → _

Close All
Ctrl + Shift + W → _

Reasoning: I want closing my documents to be as intentional as possible. I don’t want to close on accident or do it out of habit. Dialogue boxes are scary!

_ → Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E

Reasoning: I want a shortcut for exporting, for some reason my mind wants to use an “E” for “Export” instead of using an “S” like the other save options. It is also rare for me to export, so I mapped a less used key


Ctrl + I → Ctrl + Shift + I

Reasoning: I very rarely use Invert and want Ctrl + I to be Invert Selection instead

Navigation Set

The optional Navigation Set is based on Blender’s navigation so that users of both programs do not need to rewire their brain when changing between the software! If you do not care about this or do not use Blender much, I don’t really recommend installing the navigation set part of the product.

Pan: Middle click or Shift + Middle Click

Zoom: Ctrl + Middle Click

Rotate: Ctrl + Alt + Middle Click

Pick Colour: Alt + Left Click (Using this as the main picker makes it harder to accidentally pick colour when trying to undo)

Pick Colour from selected layer: Ctrl + Alt + Left Click

Download: Rakurri Shortcut and Navigation Set for Krita


I love the changes - I think your shortcuts make a lot of sense! I think I’ll actually use them, thanks!

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Thank you very much, it makes me very happy to hear so! :grin:

Nice, I use Shift + Q for freehand selection tool and Shift + A for polygon selection tool. I have HSL adjustment on Q and S for repeating last filter, which makes it easy form me to do shading in comics, I just select the parts with free hand select tool, invoke hsl adjustment filter, adjust the lightness and then repeat this with S on other parts and areas where I want similar value.

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Nice that is an interesting setup!
Shift + A for polygonal selection tool can also be easy to remember as “A” for Angular!
The HSL and Repeat last filter shortcut/workflow sounds very useful for comics indeed! :grin: Thanks for sharing some of yours, it’s interesting to hear

I was watching a video shared here about the layer styles in photoshop. And interestingly it had a shortcut for merged copy of a layer, which is basically “new layer from visible” in Krita. The shortcut in photoshop is Ctrl+ Alt + Shift + E. I see that this shortcut is not assigned to anything in krita. So can we propose this to be default shortcut for this action in Krita too, so that it will be another familiar shortcut for people coming over from photoshop? I know this is offtopic for this thread, but since we are discussing shortcut, I thought why not ask here.

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I think that is a good idea! It is unlikely for people to have assigned “Ctrl+ Alt + Shift + E” to something, so having it as a shortcut for new layer from visible (an action I often use), sounds absolutely great! It also fits with E being used for layer actions like Ctrl + E to merge with layer below. I am all for it! :grin::+1:

(If that change makes it to Krita, it’s in my opinion a great shortcut, and for this shortcut pack it makes sense changing the export from “Ctrl+ Alt + Shift + E” to “Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S” instead with the other save actions. Also that means it will be the same export shortcut as the Affinity suite, so people familiar with that will like it)

I have Shift + E for export. But this shortcut also seems to be good.

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