razcore's sketchbook

Hello peeps. I’m Răzvan, from Romania, I’m working with Nathan Lovato, the creator of GDQuest, as a freelancer programmer creating Godot courses and tutorials mostly.

I’ve been interested in digital art for quite some time now, about 4-5 years, but I never really pushed it to a decent quality that I’m OK with. Lately I’ve been doing better drawings I think, but still pretty far away from my ideal.

I’m mostly interested in sketchy feel, graphical and quick sketches. I’m not so much into finished refined illustrations.

Welcome to my sketchbook. Hopefully we’ll see some good progress as we go along. To start us off I’ll be populating it with some selected pieces.


Using reference has always been easy for me, it was just a matter of being a bit careful with the perspective and everything would fall in place. Imagination is a whole other thing, I would always fail at conveying realism. I think I’m getting better with people specifically cause I drew a lot more of those, especially upper body. But everything else is still pretty messy :slight_smile:

This was in a time when I was obsessed with Simon Stalenhag’s work and I tried to reproduce some of his brushes.

This has been a subject that plagued my journey in art, I’ve always tried to replicate a style here or there with no focused direction so if you can, don’t do that :). It will just slow you down.


The study of anatomy requires your total focus and will keep you busy for a long time, you need to study each part of the body separately, first the bones, then muscles, then the whole in motion.

Your “product design” studies are nice.
Try to apply the same analytical way, by learning the leg (pelvis, femur, tibia, foot, then you go on with the hand, forearm, upper arm, scapula, then the rib cage, the spine and finally the cranium.
Then proceed step by step learning muscles
Take your time, this isn’t a breeze but you can do it with regularity.

Studying the human anatomy will open your mind to new horizons as well, it’s not just about learning some bone or muscle and some shadow and shape.

Definitely don’t want to study it at that detailed level. I’m not interested in sculpting the human body that much. I’ll leave that to the atelier pros :slight_smile:

Here I was doing basic 3D forms to get an understanding how you could use brushes for light. I was still pretty much into Simon Stalenhag’s way of painting, I was searching for his process and I know he doesn’t use any blend modes with layers so I tried to replicate some of that, just brush-work, no digital blend modes like overlay & multiply and all that.


Here I was trying to do a bit more of a structured approach to learning from photos, just focusing on drawing and getting the illusion of details. Worked for a while, it was super tough, especially with the more complex shapes :slight_smile:


Here I took some inspiration from an FZD Teacher and also experiment with the watercolor and other natural brushes. It was interesting, but not my style at the end of the day :slight_smile:


Really nice thread and collection. Please keep posting.

Very Nice Drawings, I think that you could look into concept art :smiley:

Still very much obsessed with Simon Stalenhag’s work, I tried a couple of (failed) landscape paintings. It was an interesting experiment :slight_smile: - with a heavy canvas texture.

Upon further investigation the guy is painting on something like 10K resolution. Although I have a pretty decent laptop (Alienware M14), at that resolution Krita is basically useless for me so not even gonna’ try :slight_smile:



Here I was into gesture drawing and exploring a new style inspired by Ryan Woodward and the atelier type of figure drawing.


This is an entry I submitted to the Character Design Challenge group on Facebook and was received pretty well to my surprise.


Starting here I kind of went all over the place, not knowing what style to go for. So it was a lot of failing all around, trying out styles from Ian McQue, Sinix, J.C. Leyendecker and others random ones I’d like while browsing pinterest and such.


A few more studies and experiments, still wayyy uncertain about any one style :slight_smile:


Here I was on a DnD server and dabbed in a bit of character creation :slight_smile:


After having my run with the not so successful Simon Stålenhag type of style and workflow I really started getting into J. C. Leyendecker also probably cause I started human figure studies following Proko who has an atelier type of approach.

If you wanna check out some “modern day, digital” Leyendecker type of art see Bryan Lee.


This is a series I did for a challenge from moderndayjames, something or other about clothed figures :slight_smile:


Well I wish I could continue this series with older sketches, but unfortunately I wiped my HDD by mistake so time to move on to a new chapter :slight_smile:

No backup? Anyway you know what you know, nobody can take that away :+1:t2:

No backup no :). Oh well, it’s not the end of the world.

So cause I had to reinvent all of my brushes, I’m experimenting with the new Brush Tip Light system thing. It’s pretty cool for impasto look.

Here I used my “regular” charcoal brush for the lay-in, and a new impasto brush for the darks and finally one other impasto and a smudge brush. Do you think I manage to get a nice painterly feel? :slight_smile: