Recording does not work correctly

I can’t find my post what I wrote about recorders.
The problem is, if I record my drawing and later start a new picture, he still takes the old picture in with him.

Haven’t found anything that says “new image from here”
What am I doing wrong?

Warm greetings

Is it this post you were looking for?

this post is about the frames.
Now he’s recording everything. So I draw a picture and he takes it, so far everything is ok
i make new file and he also records this all ok.
AAABER when playing the film, both drawings are in the film
he did not recognize that it is a new picture.

To record something with the recorder, it makes sense to have saved the file once under a unique name before the first stroke. If you don’t do this, Krita basically takes the default dummy file name and the individual takes of the time-lapse images end up in the same folder, if I remember correctly. And then the problem you describe comes about. Maybe that’s your issue?


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I saved the first file before I started painting…recorded it.

Then file 2 opened and saved…then recorded.

He makes a separate movie for each shot, that’s ok, but he takes the first shot into the second shot in the movie, he also saves all the images in the KritaRecord


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Thanks =)
but still no solution =)