Recreate SAI brush in Krita

Hey, I have switched to Krita since I don’t use windows anymore and am quite happy with it so far! The only issue I have is that I haven’t been able to find a similar brush to one I have been using a lot in SAI.
Can anyone help me to recreate it in Krita?

Here it is: tumblr n7wxsvMTGZ1qh16uco1 500 - CorruptedFox's

Thank you for reading :>

I found a few in the default bundle that can give similar results.

See if any of these work for you too:


Thank you! I will check them out

Haven’t quite found what I wanted, but these are great brushes that I can put to use nonetheless! Thank you again :>

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Ramon Miranda has more brush bundles too. Maybe one of those might also be good. He often posts links to them in his videos: []

There’s also brushes linked in this forum in the Resources section.

Have fun!

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His charcoal brushes are great and very close to what I want!
(New charcoals in Krita and more! Paper is also included ;) - YouTube)

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Yay! I knew you’d find something that you like from him! :+1:t2::smile_cat:

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Oh I can recreate the brush without problems.


That would be nice, thank you!

I tried to find a similar brush.
I tweaked the parameters of this brush a bit and this is what I got.

I reproduced the image to compare the similarity, so I did not steal your nice drawing. And please forgive me for the cleverness of the picture.
I have never used SAI, so I can’t get a sense of what it feels like to write with SAI, but what do you think of this image?
My pen tablet is old and does not have tilt sensing, so if your pen tablet has tilt sensing it may be a little different again.

From the reference image, it looks like the brush tip follows the direction of the drawing, but I could not reproduce it well. However, I hope this will be of some help.


Hello KIO,

first, thank you for taking your time and attempting to recreate the brush :>
I did not draw the image, I found this brush years ago and unfortunately don’t know who drew it.
I think the brush has a very similar feel to the original brush and I do like, that you tried to recreate the draw too, which makes it easier to compare the strokes.
My tablet is also old (5+ years old), so I am not sure, if it actually has tilt sensing either ^^;

It is definitely a step in the right direction! If you want, you can also share the parameters you changed :>

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Oh, it wasn’t your painting. I am relieved that you are not offended.

Since the language is Japanese, I hope you can compare and check the parameter display. I changed it roughly like this. I am sure there are some things that should be changed according to your writing pressure, but please use this as a reference.
Also, I’m using a translation site for this comment, so please forgive me if I’m saying something funny.


Don’t worry! The translation site you are using is pretty good, so you can be easily understood! Thanks :>


Sorry for the delay, I hope the brush works for you.


It looks good! I only seem to be able to download the PNG File, am I doing something wrong?

Rename it to KPP and you got it. It is your browser wanting to “help”, because Krita presets “are based on PNG’s” (the thumbnail is a PNG), some browsers think they are wrong named PNG’s.



Oh okay! Thank you

I couldn’t use the brush thus far, as my Krita crashes, when I try to select it :<

It’s the same for me with the 5.0.6 appimage on Debian 10 but not with the June 17th 5.2.0-prealpha.

@SchrodingerCat Did you make it with a 5.2.0-prealpha version?

This will need a bug report.

I’ve reported it:

Can somebody go in and check/Confirm this?


No, I made it with version 5.1.0 (5.1.0-prealpha-82766ef025)