Recreating famous/popular brushes

I was recreating a couple of brushes of famous artists and i’m curious what you think of them as well as if there is interest for more.
I tried to recreate Ruan Jia’s charcoal brush and Fenghua Zhongs textured brush:

-added the abr files


:slight_smile: Hello and welcome to the forum @139389!

Thank you for your brushes, I will be happy to try them. It’s always nice to be able to try out new things, to experiment and therefore more brushes from you are certainly welcome here in the forum. At least I would be very happy about it, but there I will certainly not be the only one.
Thank you again and I wish you always happy painting. :+1:


I don’t know what it is, but my PC (i7-8700k) with 32gb RAM can’t handle these brushes. Even at a small size, I’m watching a slideshow. Also, the Fenghua Zong brush is one giant triangle, and I can’t seem to find the correct brushtip.

Note: I’m not knocking these brushes whatsoever, just reporting the tremendous lag I have, which might quite well be that my machine isn’t up there anymore.

The bundle manifest specifies some .abr brushes but these are not included in the bundle.

A .kpp brush preset file contains a reference to its brush tip and depends on that brush tip file being available in the resources.

Seems like i forgot some files i’ll look into it and update the link

Ok, adding those brushtips made all the difference. No more lag.

@139389 Thank you very much for these brushes; really nice to sketch with. :slight_smile:

Hi, why is the brushes in my krita have this cross X mark, am i missing something? Im using vesr5beta1. This also happens when i want to download pastel related brushes. Am i missing something?

@Reitei17 I also see that with the 5.0.0-beta1 onwards but both brush presets work ok (though a bit laggy for me).
The cross usually means that the brush (tip) is not available but the brush editor shows it as being selected and present.
Do both brushes work ok for you?

With 4.4.8, the crosses are not there and both brushes work ok (but laggy).

I’m wondering if it’s because they’re .abr brush tips?

No, both brushes doesnt work. Just give a line of small dots. Yea i think the brush tip is missing.

@Reitei17 Did you download the brush tips from the second google drive link and put them in the \krita\brushes folder?
Also, have you tried 4.4.8 for comparison?

I use the .kpp format, import it from manager resources.
Abr is for photoshop so i dont bother download it.

No i didnt try 4.4.8, cause i use krita on android. If i download another krita then my krita 5beta1 will be gone and all my settings.

Previously i saw a pastel brushes in deviant art also give X mark. And this brush also has pastel name tag on it. So i think something about pastel that missing. I dont know.

@Reitei17 Those brush tips in the second google drive link are .abr and krita can use .abr files, just the brush tips.
All krita .kpp files need a brush tip. This is either a built in Auto brush tip or a Predefined brush tip which is stored in that krita/brushes folder (or in a bundle).
Those two .kpp files specify the use of the two .abr brush tips that you are missing.

So you’ll need to get those brush tip .abr files into that resources subfolder.
Actually the easiest way for you to do it is to Import them using the Resources Manager.

Ok so i tried to import the abr from manage resources then i also import the kpp bundle, then i got a message said that it is duplicate with the name installed and want to overwrite but i did it anyway so installed all of em, still got the X mark

@Reitei17 You didn’t need to import the .kpp bundle again because you already had it.
I also still have the X mark in the 5.0.0-beta1 but those .abr brush tips are showing in the brush editor Predefined tab, are correctly assigned to the brush presets and the brush presets do paint properly - as I said in my previous reply.

So, despite the ‘X’ showing, do the brush presets work?
Are those brush tips shown as assigned in the brush editor brushtip Predefined tab?

Ok so when i import the abr only, i cant see the brush anywhere so when i imported the kpp after that, i can see the brush with the X mark. I tried the brush, it works, even with the x marks, there is no small dot anymore. Thanks…