Reference Image Crop Area

What is it?
Extra options for the Reference Images. Make a Crop area for the reference image to hide uneeded sections of the image.

Why I suggest?
Because sometimes I wish to use a reference images but I really can’t practically. because I just want see a certain element of the image but the image is so massive that it is better to make it into a new layer and erase the excess. the only other option would be to edit a image and save it to only show that element but that is very destructive and there might be elements around the image that are worth persevering and like this it would be non destructive.


If I recall right QImageReader had a built-in method to do this sort of effect.


Maybe you should reply it here:
Feedback Wanted : Reference Image Improvements Ideas - Develop / Artists Feedback & Testing - Krita Artists (

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Hmm. The Reference Docker lets you paste from the clipboard.

One way to solve it is to use Snippet Tool (or whatever does an are screenshot, to my knowledge any OS supports it) and just paste part of the image you need as a new Reference.

So the flow for Windows 10 might be as this:

  1. Copy image from the web browser
  2. Paste as a reference in Krita
  3. Need cropped version: Win+Shift+S and select new perspective
  4. Paste Reference from Clipboard

Now you have original reference and another view to some part of the image :slight_smile:

I think this was done in gsoc project and not yet merged.

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I knew it was something like this so I decided to give it a try myself and it worked but it is not integrated on the Reference tool obviously instead it imports it with the given crop. I will probably make a UI for this one later today. but this will keep me busy until the merge hits.

I would really like to see such an opportunity. I have long described a similar request:

yup that is what I wanted.

The merge request is here: WIP: Reference Image Improvements (!901) · Merge requests · Graphics / Krita · GitLab


Well it seems to be working with a GUI.

Ah… I think it is more useful to be settable. (For example, use the sliding bar to temporarily hide the edge, and then it can be restored at any time)
The effect now is similar to that I used snipaste to take a screenshot and imported it in krita (I must have a screenshot software). Seeing this, I don’t even want to crop but import the whole picture…

Well this for me is not needed anymore. I did this in Imagine Board and it is working quite good enough.

I even haven’t used References on the canvas because how impractical they are concerning space management on the UI. I do it on occasion but I delete after a bit.

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