Reference images collections

I am planning some event in the future of KA, I won’t tell the details but I need folders of references. of course the easiest ones to get are for life drawing.

…Alright. I’ve found a place where it was supposed to be a lot of those sites in one place. But two were duplicates, two were we apps, one was not free and kinda sketchy, one was ugly… :stuck_out_tongue: So there is just one:

Life Drawing


Croquis Cafe

or (that one seems to be working better?)

License: (basically: don’t remove their signature, say if you modified the photos and how, don’t imply that the changes you’ve made were approved by them - basically just be clear about the usage of their photos)

No ZIP :frowning: but free:

Senshi Stock

Pexels (you need to check license of an individual photo)

If you have some more links, please give me and I will update the post! Conditions (at least one needs to apply):

  • usable for free
  • possible to download in .zip format.

All kinds of references (buildings, environments too) accepted :slight_smile:


Hi @tiar

Not sure about what you’re exactly searching, but here 3 links to sites with image usable for free…

But I don’t think there’s zip download… :roll_eyes:

stocksnap: all pictures under CC0 license

Detail of license:

unsplash: all picture under unsplash license (:thinking:?)

Check license but usage seems to be completely free:


The wikimedia free image resources, of course :slight_smile:
Will provide you a list of websites to find free resources

Hope this can help you :wink:



I have another one:

I don’t think it has .zip download though :frowning:


This site has a big list of reference image sites and details if they’re CC0 license.

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