Requests "undo" and "redo" as well as "show the current tool's popup widget" and "reset view" gestures

Requests “undo” and “redo” as well as “show the current tool’s popup widget” and “reset view” gestures.

This is a request from local Android tablet users.

Do Android tablet users in other countries want these gestures too?

What kind of gesture would be more convenient?

Additional note: The “show the current tool’s popup widget” gesture is for pens without buttons (such as the HUAWEI M-Pencil).


Very much need the guesture functions on mobile/tablet devices.

Such as:

  1. two finger touch for “undo”.
  2. three finger touch for “redo” or bring up “Pop-up Palette”.
  3. long press canvas for “color picker” or bring up “Pop-up Palette”.
  4. long press selection area for popup menu of “Transform methods”.
  5. double click HUAWEI PENCIL body to bring up “Pop-up Palette”
  6. Touch Docker can be customizing

For number 5 i can do it on my spen button maybe huawei pen can also.
See this link

4 finger tap for canvas mode on in case u missed it.

And yea undo redo and colour picker gesture are much needed.

4 finger tap will do the job, so i didn’t mention it.
As for double click on Huawei Pencil, there are somebody did the job, but I hope it come from the offical app.

It frm official krita app, just in the setting to put 1 press of the spen button to show pop up palette, but not 2 click which i think is nicer, cause 2 click is too much click.

yes, I’m using this method on toolbar now. but the function doesn’t have an icon :joy: