RGBA Smudge brushes - a sharing thread

With the new smudge engine merged into master and available in the nightlies, I think it’s time to start collecting some good, interesting, or fun brushes that use this engine, and maybe start putting together a list of the best ones, so they can be included in the release of 5.0 when it happens.

Please share your favorite brushes using these new features in this thread, and feel free to make suggestions for improvements to the brushes shared here.

Also, please make sure your brushes work with the Nightly version of Krita, not just the test versions we were using before it got merged. Unfortunately, this means no “smear existing lightness” mode brushes for now, but any that use the other two modes should work.

To start things off, here’s a brush I created using the overwrite method that I find fun. It uses the tilt function for Paint Thickness, and pressure to control Color Rate and Smudge Length. I also have it adjust spacing based on speed, to help with performance. The brushtip is one I created from the DAOil brushtip, except I modified it to be a round brush, because I find round brushes easier to use :slight_smile:

The tilt function for Paint Thickness works such that holding the pen perpendicular to the tablet gives full impasto effect, whether it’s applying color, or smudging. If you hold the pen at an angle to the tablet, it smooths out the impasto, while still letting you use pressure to determine the color/smudging.

Anyway, here’s the preset: Voronwe_Wet_Bristles_Tilt_Smoothing.kpp
and the brushtip: DA_RGBA grey-round.png


I didn’t took much time to properly paint with the new smudge engine, yet, but I was thinking about what would take to make a brush with less visible ‘spacing marks’. While thinking about it I tried making a brush with strokes more elongated, and with a square shape. The downside, AFAIK, is that you always have to keep the rotation on Drawing Angle.

For the rest I only changed the brushtip of one of Ramon’s new RGBA brush to use my own brush tip. Another thing, I just draw the brush tip in krita in a couple of minutes, so it is just a proof of concept.
Now, enough talking here my contribution.

Here at 100% zoom - Brush size: 90px

Here at 75% zoom - Brush size: 90px

Here the preset: Daishishi_Wet_Bristles_RGBA.kpp
And the brushtip: Daishishi_Brushtip.png

I’m interested in know what people who are actively drawing with the new engine think about this type of brushtip.


Hello everyone,
I continued trying making some RGBA brushtips of my own. In the middle of experimenting I made a brush that render a interesting knife-like strokes, so I am including it too. However, the main reason is a brush with less visible impasto compared to my last one, and that works better with rotation.
Again my main focus was the brushtip, so while I will post a brush preset it is a very basic one.

Here a quick sketch I made using these brushes


New Brush

Finally, here the links
Accidental Knife-like: Daishishi_Knife-like_RGBA
Knife-like brushtip: Knife-like.png

The new RGBA preset: Daishishi_Wet_Bristles_2.kpp
And the new brushtip: RGBA_Brushtip-2.png