Rogudator's Speech Bubble Generator

Did Krita in version 5 add function to add vector shapes to vector layer? Sweet! I used it in this new plugin.

Made a video about new plugin: Plugin for Krita to Create Speech Bubbles Faster! - YouTube
Tweeted about it
Made a reddit post:
Uploaded on github: GitHub - rogudator/rogudators_speech_bubble_generator: A plugin for generating vector speech bubbles for Krita.
And also on gumroad: Rogudator's Speech Bubble Generator for Krita

But I’ve stumbled upon an issue with Aspect Ratio. I’ll make separated topic on it. Btw also commited plugin to Krita documentation.


also made a video going through the code I've made another plugin for Krita. Let's go through the code and logic behind it. - YouTube


I love your comic panels plugin. I was trying to also load the Bubbles one, but for some reason it doesn’t show. It is already imported, I checked the installation video to verify it is correctly loaded and the files structure is ok. If I try to re-import it again, Krita says it is already imported, and the Dockers view shows the Panels plugin, but not the Bubbles one. Any ideas?

Captura de pantalla 2022-03-13 185533

Can you check the add-ons tab in preferences? Where you turn on the plugin. Sometimes it shows if plugin has an error.

It says there is some inconsistency regarding syntax…

I loved your comic panel plugin.
It is simple,effective and quite time saving .
But in case of speech bubble generator plug in,I am facing the same problem like @Tayete .
Is there any simple way to find a remedy ?

If you want you can download a version fixed by me.
Either just the plugin with license and readme file, or additionally with the copies of this Krita-Artists website and the GitHub website of the plugin, as well as the video about the plugin and the installation video.

7-ZIP version complete (about 28MB)

ZIP version complete (about 28MB)

And here still without videos and website copies:

only (about 80kB)

only Plugin.7z (about 80kB)



Fixed plugin and updated the gumroad page!


Thanks a lot, @Michelist !
Now it’s working perfectly :slight_smile: !

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Thanks so much @Michelist & @Daniel_Zotin!!! Now it works great!