Rotating a brush by holding down a modifier (similar to Shift for Brush Size)

It would be really useful to be able to change the Rotation of a brush by holding down a key and pointing the mouse in a direction (think joystick), then releasing the modifier key. I know there are various ways of changing the rotation of the brush as well as setting it to sense the tilt, rotation etc of your stylus. However, there are some brushes that I would like to use for mechanical design sketches that should have the rotation stay the same throughout the stroke, so I don’t want to a rotation sensitive brush. Rather I want to change the rotation as quickly as possible and keep it locked at that angle, without having to use menus. Changing Rotation in a menu also doesn’t allow for live preview of the dab.


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I can see why it isn’t available by default (some brush engines doesn’t support rotation), but if you install a plugin you’re probably savvy enough to be aware of the limitations of it.

Personally I’d like to keep tilt sensitivity on for the most part, but if there was a plugin for this, a simple checkbox in a docker could turn that on or off.

So just enabling this property for plugin developers would be enough for me. @wojtryb is already interested in making the plugin-

Well, how about rotating your canvas?

I don’t have tilt with my tablet/pen :slight_smile:

Being able to modify “tilt” or “pressure” (for mouse users) value with keyboard could be an interesting workaround stuff (even if I’m not sure it’s really easy to draw with a pen in one hand, and click like a fool on keyboard to simulate a sensor :sweat_smile: - but there’s an idea here…)

Rotating canvas will rotate brush as brush rotation is relative to canvas
Not sure it could help here :thinking:


Not a direct solution, but for a technical artist, Lazy Nezumi might offer some interesting possibilities (like the Connected Lines ruler). I’ve tested the new version yesterday and so far it seems to work fine with Krita. Will have to see in practice how it goes.

Really? I’m pretty sure the Intuos I bought back in 2008 had tilt, so I thought all tablets would have it by now. What kind of tablet do you have? :slight_smile:

Yes, some “recent” tablet don’t have tilt :slight_smile:

Probably, but it’s a software not available on Linux platform :man_shrugging:


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Not really? Rotation stays the same, and I often rotate the canvas just as a workaround for not being able to rotate the brush. But since the angle selector is available in RMB pop-up, I try to use this instead, as my mind sometimes loses track of what I wanted to achieve once I rotate the canvas.

For me it’s important to be able to both have tilt-rotation and change the base brush angle as an offset for the tilt. Tilt-rotation just gives you about 90 degrees of freedom, and I sometimes need to use those angles that are not so easily available.

Though for using both tilt sensitivity and angle base, another feature I requested could be useful:


You’re right!

The thing is, I see now that’s I’m naturally rotate canvas in this case… never take care about that :sweat_smile:



This is my problem too.

A good suggestion indeed. The current bundle always has some duplicate brushes with different angles only. It would also be a good suggestion to have an angle widget. Located next to the canvas rotation.

This will have an effect on the composition

It is hard to believe that there are still such backward tablets. I think pens like wacom art pen will become popular in the near future, maybe by then this function will no longer be needed
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It’s cheaper to produce I suppose :man_shrugging:


Still needed. I want it so that I won’t have to hold the stylus in awkward positions.

Under Canvas input setting > Canvas rotation I added another input for canvas rotation with space + MMB. This function is completely fluent, just like zooming and mitigates the 15 degree rotate canvas command increments. Note I assigned MMB to one of my pen buttons.

Such a canvas input setting for brush rotation would be awsome and should be as fluent as the shift brush resize function.

With the Art Pen, specifically, there’s no awkwardness because you actually rotate the pen instead of tilting it. I’m not holding my breath on that functionality becoming standard any time soon, though - it appears to be literally the only stylus that supports rotation, and it’s not exactly a new model.

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I have the Art Pen as well but I’d like the rotation to be constant while I’m making the brush stroke.

Interesting! Does it work well? Does it work in Krita?

I imagine that Wacom gets quite a bit of extra income when everyone who wants rotation have to buy a new stylus for a hundred dollars. So as long as they don’t have any competition on that front it will never be a standard feature.

I found a rather comprehensive list of tablet/stylus compatibility if anyone is interested:

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