Rotating brush not smooth


Few weeks ago I did made a rotating brush which was quite smooth, But I don’t recall the setting (I did 2 screenshots as a reminder, but did erase the one about “Spacing”, I did many trial but it is not smooth as before
the bigger one is from today, the smaller one is the draw I made few weeks ago, (you can see it’s pixelated and it’s the exact same brush but with missing settings)

What do I need to change below, to have a smooth brush
(or may be it’s something else?)

This is how looks my brush (um… there should not be any shadows under like it shows on this website :thinking: )

My immediate thought was to reduce the brush tip spacing but you already have Spacing increasing with Fade over distance so I’m not sure if that would help. You could try it.

Thanks, but I’m far to understand even what I am doing, I got lucky last time to not spend too much time on it as I just wanted to reproduce the same brush I have in GIMP :sweat_smile:
how to do that? which function I should check?

If you can provide download links for the .kpp file and the brush tip file, people could try it out and offer suggestions.

Also, the GIMP brush files and the .dyn file would be useful and interesting to see if you’d be happy to do that.

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no problem, but where do I get the .kpp and the brush tip?

for GIMP I always made my brush on the fly and use it from the clipboard (BTW I would like to be able to do it in Krita as well, I mean having brush from the clipboard without the need to fill up my brushes)

Ellipse tool > circle > gradient in it > selection none > duplicate 2 more time > move the layers to have like the png shown above > merge all 3 layers > alpha to selection > copy (it goes to clipboard and appears first in the brushes tab)

Select that brush
Tool options > Spacing 1 / Force 30 / Size 97 / Dynamics Fade length = 200 / Repeat = Sawtooth wave / Reverse checked / Mapping Matrix = Angle crossed with Fade
done :blush:

The .kpp file will be in the krita resources folder in the paintoppresets subfolder.
The brush tip file will be in the brushes subfolder.

As for GIMP, if they’re important and useful, don’t you save them as Tool Presets?
Maybe you enjoy living on the dynamic bleeding edge :laughing:

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I Can’t find it :thinking: (may be because it’s an appimage?)

I already have too much brushes, also it forces me to recall how to made them :sweat_smile: (I have a tendency to forgot :rofl: )

That /tmp/.mount folder is only for temporary storage of the default bundles and other default resources (and it’s why you can’t delete the default resources).

Your brush tip is shown and should be in …/.local/share/krita/brushes
How did you make it and how did you store it?

When you made the brush preset in the Brush Editor, did you Save New Brush Preset? If so, it should be in …/local/share/krita/paintoppresets

The appimage uses those locations as would a distribution repository installed version.
A flatpack is different but I think a snap package is the same.
The only way it would be different is if you had an appimage set up to use an isolated environment and you’d know and remember doing that, I assume.

Indeed it is in, but not as .kpp but as 1.gbr :sweat_smile:

I did " follow " this tuto when doing my brush (time stamped)

The brush tip image file will be .gbr or .png according to how you made it.

It’s the brush preset that’s a .kpp file and has the name ‘whatever.kpp’ where ‘whatever’ is it’s name as shown in the brush presets docker.
Do you see ‘whatever.kpp’ in the paintoppresets folder?

Nope, that’s why I do need to re-set the brush each time, for sure I did not save the preset :sweat_smile:

What can I say? Oh yes, “This is what happens when you don’t save.” :slight_smile:

You’re right, but I found it back just right now :rofl:

In Spacing I checked Fade AND Rotation and it works (I will not forget this one :sweat_smile:)