Scratchpad Docker - Possible Bugs in Krita 5.0 Beta


I was using the “Scratchpad Docker” plugin made by Scott Petrovic in the Krita 5.0 beta for Windows, and I noticed two possible bugs.

The first, the docker does not let me draw in it as it used to. Originally, I could open the docker, and immediately start drawing in it. Now, I open the docker, click in it, it does not work, and after clicking around it or on the canvas a couple of times, it lets me draw.

The second bug, it does not let me select the color I mixed. In previous versions of Krita, after mixing any amount of colors, there is a “Color Pick” on the bottom that allows me to choose any color on the docker. This tool does not work in the beta.


You can find @scottyp original post here:

Thank you for your time!

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@LaTor - Thanks for the feedback about the plugin

I downloaded the latest nightly build for Krita 5.0 and tested out the plugin. I made a few tweaks to the plugin.

  1. I am trying harder to set the default mode to “painting”. There was something weird going on and it was not being set correctly…which was causing the painting not to work when you first opened up the docker
  2. Swapped out the color picker icon. The icon was renamed a few months ago, so that is why it was missing.
  3. I removed the borders from most of the icons. It should be slightly easier to tell which “mode” you are in now when painting/panning/color picking

I tested out the color picking and that seems to work for me. If you have any other issues, try to give some detailed steps to see if there might be anything else.

You can get the latest changes here…


When I move the docker, it cannot draw. You have to switch to another tool, and then switch to the brush
Suggestion: I hope I can control the zoom. I like the smaller docker, but it is filled with paintbrushes at once

@scottyp Thank you so much for responding!
It means a lot to me that you saw my post and tried to help me! I use your plugin a lot in my work, and I am so happy that you helped me!

I tested the latest upload, and everything works perfectly now. Thank you for taking your time and creating such a wonderful tool!

@TheTwo Thank you for responding as well!

I really happy that you both took the time to respond! Thank you!

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Do you think this scratchpad plugin will ever be included by default in a future release of Krita? It works great from testing it