Seasons Change, Friendships Don't

My piece is about the changing of the seasons as time goes on, but Leon and Kiki’s friendship still stand strong. Kiki’s trying to pull Leon back into autumn while Leon wants to move into winter, but they’re both laughing and having fun, embracing the seasons.

After coming up with an idea, I laid in a quick sketch and color draft.
Next, I started working on the background, trying to find the best technique for the leaves and snow. I found two brushes for the leaves–one to lay in the color and one to blend, giving a leaf-like effect. I found two more brushes for the snow–one looking like it’s fallen snow and one looking like snow resting on the branches.
I then colored in a sky and clouds behind the trees,
The next step was to do a more detailed sketch of Leon and Kiki. Once I got the anatomy right, I did a cleaner sketch and added the more intricate details of their outfits and accessories.
Then, it was time to color them. I added the flat colors first, making sure it all looked solid before moving on.
Deciding to take a break from the mascots, I moved onto the foreground. I put in the tree trunks and blended them. I then used the same effects for the leaves and snow. After I as done, I added Krita’s mascot in the leaves, making it blend in a bit while still standing out.
I moved on to the trail and ground, adding fallen snow and leaves there as well. Huion’s logo was a “snow sculpture” of a slightly darker shade of blue.
Going back to the mascots, I then added the shading and highlights.
Finally, I turned all my layers back on and made sure everything looked good before saving and submitting the file here!

All of the artwork was done 100% in Krita using a Huion tablet ;3