Second Beta for Krita 5.0 (Help in testing Krita)

Krita developers released second beta release for the upcoming 5.0 series.
Check out the official blogpost here - Second Beta for Krita 5.0 | Krita

Like the first beta the warnings are same for testing this release. Hope we find any hidden bugs before the final 5.0 release. Download it and helpg to test it everyone!


Thank you for all these great work!
Just use it sketching for an hour and works well, except two little issue:

  1. Assign Popup-up Palette to keyboard shortcut behave differently from mouse Right-click.
    While Right-click it behaves normally, which is on/off/on/off, keyboard shortcut is like on/on/on/on
    This appears on both 5.0-beta2 and 5.1-prealpha(October 10th)

  2. Switching 5.0-Beta1 and Beta2 back and forth will cause brush history reset.
    Beta1 ->Beta2 : Normal
    Beta1 ->Beta2 ->Beta1 ->Beta2 : Brush history reset no matter which version you open later.
    Regenerate resourcecache.sqlite in krita resource flolder solved the issue.
    I didn’t test it further, so not sure it is caused by downguade :thinking:

Edit: Strange, I can’t reproduce the second issue, so I just filed the first one to the bug tracker.
443631 – Popup-palette won't disappear when pressing keyboard shortcut the second time

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How do I start testing?

First back up your resources and configuration: Help Krita improve with structured Beta Testing of the new resource system in Krita 5.0

Then download the new beta2 version, either portable or installator, and then either paint with it like normal and report all the issues, or participate in the structured beta testing initiative: Help Krita improve with structured Beta Testing of the new resource system in Krita 5.0

Previously recorder would continue recording each time opened painting, saving new jpegs into the same folder, but it’s creating a new folder each time now, so any attempt to export after a second or third session fails.

This has advantages and disadvantages. Advantage, you can now record exactly session by session, disadvantage to create a complete timelapse video you have to copy the JPG’s (or whatever you have chosen) into a common directory beforehand and then render it or you assemble the individual sessions with a video editor, a very simple one, such as the platform-independent AVIDEMUX (GPL license), is already sufficient for this - this makes it a little less convenient. But it’s a matter of taste, there are supporters for both, I guess.
But the most important advantage at the end, you can’t mix different projects by mistake anymore.


Thanks for responding, but I don’t want to be needing to manually fix videos … that takes a lot of time up, and, as well as myself, or others, being busy, I honestly just want to paint. Recorder used to work perfectly before, and on various images whenever they were loaded; could just set it to auto-record and never needed to think about it. One folder per painting was great.

It’s more difficult to locate which folders belong to which painting, too, especially if you’re doing a lot of painting and even 2 or 3 images … every folder would need to be opened and checked first, as well as making absolutely certain to get things in the right order (mistakes can happen, whereas with the previously working method, there’s no doubt which folder and everything is already in order).

Using OBS tbh would be easier now, as that’s direct recording, and no need to then mess about with potentially numerous folders, copy/pasting/organising, using other software to join videos etc. I’d need to stay with an older v5 where the recording auto-works if this problem is actually now a feature, but only takes time away from painting.

I can’t tell if it’s intentional or a bug, I’ve only tried it for testing purposes so far. But now, after this description from you, it sounds more like a bug, let’s see what the developers will say about it.


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Thanks @Michelist and hopefully that’s the case that it’s a bug and can be fixed, as it worked so well before. :slight_smile:

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If it’s okay to just ping @Halla? … to ask if this is a bug and if there’s a chance it may be fixed within the rush of beta2 tests and bug-fixings I saw referenced in another thread? Thanks.

It might be best to just write it down in the thread. Halla isn’t the only person working on the project that also checks the forum from time to time. And I cannot answer you based on the information you gave just now.

I’ve written out about the bug fully, higher up in this thread. I’d seen in another thread that Halla was pinged about a bug, because the final release date is due very soon and lots of bugs are being fixed asap. No devs had come into this beta2 testing thread, so I’d thought maybe, to help with the bug fixing rush, I should ping, + didn’t know who else to ping … Halla had been referenced in the other thread, so I thought that’s who people ping about bugs in the first instance, and then whichever devs work on particular areas would maybe be contacted by Halla. I don’t know, but hopefully my bug report earlier in this thread can be included in the fixes? Basically the issue is that a separate folder of images is created per session, and only the current session’s work is exported in a video … not possible to export a full video of the painting.

Just to add that I’ve done a kde bug report.

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It would be good to post the link to it here as well. That way you don’t have to guess its title and search for it, because nobody can know how you named your bug report and what number it got.


I feel like most people who would argue for the multi-folder solution would only argue for it in the sense of separating projects and not sessions.

So that would be my suggestion, different folders are a great step forward for the recorder, but if they do separate by session rather than project (I haven’t personally tried yet), then I would suggest instead going by project.

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The link to the bug, to make it easy to find … 443700 – recorder broken; each session gets separate folder, and cannot output full video :slight_smile:


When it worked, it was one folder per painting, across sessions, but, at the moment, every session and whichever painting, gets a new folder, which breaks being able to output a complete video … the bug’s been marked as a release-blocker, so it’ll be awesome to have the one folder per painting back at some point.


I’m not sure if it has already been reported or not; too many things about resources and I have not the time to read/check everything.
Tried a quick search in but I didn’t find anything


  • I’m using one brush (let say 5) Basic-5 Size brush preset)

  • I’m going in resource manager to delete it
    I understand it’s not really deleted (let’s say like often used in a DB, that’s a logical deletion) as it’s possible to undelete it, but Ok, from a user point of view it’s deleted

  • I quit Krita

  • I restart Krita

  • Looking for brushes, the brush preset 5) Basic-5 Size is not available anymore in Brush Presets
    That’s normal :slight_smile:

  • But there’s no brush name indicated as it’s usualy the case, but I can draw

  • In a scripter, the following code
    import krita
    5) Basic-5 Size
    => The deleted brush is still active and usable (not normal) but we don’t really now which brush is currently used as name is not visible

  • I’m looking from list of preset
    print('b) Basic-5 Size' in Krita.instance().resources('preset'))
    return False
    => The deleted brush is not available in preset (normal)

A deleted brush preset shouldn’t be still available after being deleted, with or without restart of Krita

That’s not a big bug but it’s really disturbing (and for plugin developer that’s not easy to manage the fact that currentBrushPreset() return a preset that does not exists in Krita.instance().resources('preset') :grimacing:)


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@Grum999 There is something else happening apart from the brush preset deletion.

For the 5.0.0-beta2 and the latest Oct 10 5.1.0-prealpha appimage, the selected brush preset is not shown in the status bar when you start krita and make a new file, but it is shown as selected in the brush preset docker.
If you select a different brush preset then the name is shown in the status bar from that point onwards - until the next Quit and restart.