Seexpr pixel perfect grids, hexagonal grids, checkerboard and more!

Since @amyspark helped me build kseexpr recently, I finally managed to create a bundle of my seexpr scripts! It was made in Krita 5.0 master, so please do tell me if any of them doesn’t work for you.

How to use the grids

  • Create a new Fill Layer, select the SeExpr script with the grid you want.
  • Change the values so they fit your purpose.
  • add a new Filter Mask with Color To Alpha to make the background of the grid transparent (there is no way in SeExpr to output transparent color).

Pixel perfect grids & checkerboards



Random test scripts




It seems that Seexpr can also do some comic effects. Such as speed line, concentration line, etc.

Wolthera made some:

But the problem with them is, someone had to code them in :wink: Here I only gather scripts I already made when I was a bit more enthusiastic about this new possibility plus a few times when someone needed help.

Depending on the task it might be a bit difficult to code it up, though the code is usually short and self-contained and you see the results instantly, which is an advantage over coding Python plugins.