Selective Color Channel Blending for Smudge Brush

I have been playing with the smudge brush in version 4.2.8 of Krita and so far I have been impressed. The smudge engine currently has support for animated gih brushes, canvas textures, brush dab spacing, jitter, rotation, and full support for Wacom pen rotation. The only feature so far that I would like to see is the ability to control how the smudge brush blends individual color channels (RGB, and Alpha). The ability to lock how much the smudge brush blends with the alpha (transparency) channel could be useful for simulating painting with a wet oil brush on a clean, dry canvas. When there is not already any paint on the canvas, oil paint will not mix with the dry canvas and only spread out the paint. Unfortunately, I don’t have any oil paints at home so I don’t know how to demonstrate this property better.

The ability to limit how much the smudge brush blends with the other color channels (RGB) might be useful as well, but I cannot currently think of a reason for only wanting to blend certain color channels but not others.

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As I have mentioned earlier, I do not own oil paints; however, I could at least demonstrate what I’m trying to explain with an example from another image manipulation program that I own (Artrage 6). I believe what I’m trying to describe is the behavior of undiluted oil paints painted alla prima on a dry canvas. Perhaps a more senior forum member can demonstrate what I’m trying to explain using actual oil paints.

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Maybe one of the developers can explain whether or not adding this feature is feasible under the current smudge brush engine for Krita. I’m not a programer so I don’t know what challenges would exist in implementing this feature.

The devs are busy with the resource management part of krita currently. I think they will read this and reply when they get free later.

That’s probably a question for @dkazakov
From my point of view separating alpha channel might be nice, but other channels, not really useful.

I would also be unlikely to gain any benefit from manipulating the blendability of any of the color channels other than the alpha channel with the smudge brush. I believe I may have already mentioned this in my first post. I only suggested having the ability to also control the blendability of the other color channels (R, G, and B) for the smudge brush in case there were ever a digital artist who would benefit from this feature. Maybe @RamonM can give some input on my proposed feature.

Welcome Rigognos. As Tiar is telling you, Devs are really busy, but after that i think they will have more energy to absorve more ideas coming from the community. Sometimes a little idea can open the door to big and productive changes.

Now we need to wait. I don’t want to bother devs with more ideas, like (New brush editor redesign talked with Scott, New RGBA with selectable color from Color wheel talked with @dkazakov or Masked feature with color smudge talked with @dkazakov for a future new feature that could be amazing.

Also i have been reorganizing all my resources for Future projects.

Spoiler images below :stuck_out_tongue:

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