Shape selection not selecting what I click

when I click something with shape selection it selects something up and to the left of where I click instead of what I click

Hello @JUSTLETMEMAKEACCOUNT, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

You are aware that the Shape Selection Tool only works on vector layers and is only capable to handle/select shapes you created with Krita’s vector tools?
Did you take a look in the manual, for reference of its possibilities?

If you don’t get further with this, it would be nice if you would add to your next reply an uncropped screenshot of the whole user interface of Krita, with the “Tool Options Docker” visible (usually you’ll find it under the color selector on the right side, just click on the tab “Tool Options”) when the Shape Selection Tool is selected, this often helps the helpers more than cumbersome descriptions, furthermore we still need the version of Krita you are using and the operating system you are using.

Unfortunately, I must confess to have no experience in the field of vectors, my landscape painting does not require vector objects. I hope that another user who is more familiar with these tools steps in to support you better than I can.


I have over 158 things that I designed without Krita so unfortunately drawing them all again is not an option, so here’s the screenshot

Hi @JUSTLETMEMAKEACCOUNT - Thanks for the screenshot. According to the screenshot you’re trying to use a vector tool (the select shapes tool) on a raster layer (a paint layer).

If you wish to work with vector shapes, add a vector layer by clicking the + at the bottom of the layer stack and choose vector.

oh no that’s a different layer in a different file, I was using the select shapes tool on an uploaded svg

Can you give us a screenshot that illustrates the problem? The one you gave us is good in that you included the entire workspace, so do one just like that but demonstrate the issue.

Also, are you on Windows? And is this Krita version 5.06? And your tablet make, too.

wait I’m not using a tablet… that might be the problem…

That’s why we need complete info. Really, we shouldn’t have even started to answer your questions without knowing about your operating system and equipment. Edit: You don’t need a tablet. I used to use Krita on my Windows laptop without one.