Share your macro mapping here.

Remote such as this exist but I don’t think I will ever drop that much money on a controller.

I use a steam controller and the mapping is done via steam input. The configuration interface is a bit jarring but seems to be the most feature complete. I am left handed so everything goes to the right, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to adapt them to yours.

After much iteration I have landed on a configuration that I feel comfortable with.

  • Brush size:
    • Right pad, 2 key presses depending on clockwise or counter clock wise motion.
    • Click resets zoom
  • Right four buttons: self explanatory.
    • Eraser Toggle: The default pen/eraser switch provided by tablet driver doesn’t work reliably so I mapped it to eraser via Ten Brush
    • Undo has a long press that turbos the action.
      In steam controller there is a thing called activator. Depending on how your press the button different key pressed is fired. Here a short press and long press is used. But there is also double press and triple press.
  • Left stick: Self explanatory, one button is unused.
    • Down is mapped to deselect.
  • Left pad: mapped to 4 brushes via Ten Brushes
  • Start button: mapped to Brush tool
  • Right trigger: This is a steam controller specific feature. The controller has two stages. The first half is similar to your usual ps/xbox controller that outputs analog. Then if you press further there is a click.
    • Soft pull: press the trigger slowly but not to click → Alt
    • Hard pull: press the trigger very quickly down to click → Shift
    • Soft pull to click → Alt + Shift.
    • Together with eyedropper all three modifier key is covered. Shift can be used to scale brush size, Alt by itself doesn’t seems to do much.
  • Right back grip: Ctrl in case I need to use with the trigger button but never did.

Mode Shift: In steam input every controller button/pad can be assigned an alternative action if pressed with a mode shift key. In my case the key is assigned to the right shoulder button.

  • Right pad, mode shift:
    • Zoom in and zoom out depending on swiping from left or right.
    • Click resets canvas rotation.

There is plenty of buttons that can be mapped to additional actions via mode shift, but the steam controller’s shoulder button is really stiff and the contour of the controller is awkward, and hard to use one handed so I avoid that as much as possible, the experience would probably be better on a ps/xbox controller.

The controller does work via bluetooth but sometime I get repeat actions (like 12 undo in a row) which is unusable.

  • Things still done with clicking:
    • Layer management
    • Some of the tools (freehand lasso, as I can’t assign a hotkey for that)
    • Opacity control
    • Color selection

There is other mapper software out there (joyshockmapper, sc-controller, antimicrox) that can be used without steam but I have not used them so no comment.

Lua Macros can map your second keyboard to additional macros. There is also autohotkey but I just don’t like writing script for that.

I think there is software that uses midi controller as a macro too.

So, what’s your macro setup?

I’m still working on mine, but oh boy it turns out you need a lot of buttons!

I’m using a Switch joycon and the buttons on my Cintiq and I think I can just about get enough functionality to actually not need the keyboard, but it’s a pretty close thing. Dont’ really have a finished setup to share yet.

One hint I do have is that since you have mapped shift to the controller, you can free up the brush size shortcuts for some other use since you can use drag resize for brush size. Unless you don’t like that, of course.

I am aware of that. Doesn’t work well for adjusting very small pen size say 2px to 5 without zooming in.

I wish the brush size adjustment behaves more like in clip studio. Krita takes way more bracket clicks to get brush size from 1 to 120 than clip studio.

The increment doesn’t scale up much on bigger brush size.

I know exactly what you mean. In fact, if you’re on linux, I have a test build of Krita 5 (alpha version btw, so beware) where I’ve modified the response. Here:

I should probably get around to making sure the algo I used is the best I can come up with and see about making a merge request on that.

Keyboard is better than express key by far.

At home I use a razer tartarus chroma its like 1/3 keyboard with a joystick/ thumbstick.
can’t share the mapping now since i’m away. it has serve me for 4 years albeit the thumb button is starting to wear.

Pad [My most use keys, Eraser, Brush, Select etc… including buttons dedicated to Undo, transform, copy, paste]
Thumb Key → Shift
Thumb Stick → brush size, mirror.

hi everyone, since several month, i use a tartarus v2 “keyboard” and it’s perfect for me. there is also the tourbox that seems to be nice too…

Doesn’t look like there is any ambidextrous models

How is the software

Some oem have terrible softwares

Windows here unfortunately. But you have my support

razer driver is correct, and the tourbox seems nice

Hello, hows the thumbwheel in practice?

im thinking of getting it once my current one become unusable.

i only own the razer one, not the tourbox, i can’t tell…

my bad, i thought the tartarus v2 has a wheel as well as thumbstick. I might have mistaken the razer model. i’ve been looking at the newer model of my razer and its hard to find reviews that has non game related use in mind.