Sharpen your drawing skills with "DrawBo"

Hello Everyone,
We have designed a product named “DrawBo” which is a drawing hanging robot.

Now we are adding many new features to this product like sketching, selfie drawings and many more.

One of the features is that it can teach drawing in the most simplest way.
You might like watching the following video.
DrawBo Teaching to draw a DOG

“DrawBo” is intelligent enough to take the complete image and split it into simple steps.
After drawing each step, it pauses for a while so that the learner can copy the steps easily.

The sole purpose of starting this thread is to have feedbacks as to how can we improve this product.

Let me update you very soon with some more exciting features.
Any comments and critiques are welcomed.

This looks like a fun toy but I don’t really see how this can teach the fundamentals of drawing. I mean, instead of watching the bot and draw what it draws one could just draw directly from the picture. Can the bot teach about construction and deconstruction with shapes, figures, shading, lights, colors. You know, the fundamentals.

I’m sure you know about this:

I’d get Quincy if I was in the market for this sort of thing and it’s only about $100 compared to a projected price of $200 for the DrawBo.

:thinking: teaching children to draw with a robot? Why though…

It sounds fun but I doubt the actual teaching part.

That’s a Lounge topic though, not “Feedback & Testing”, because you neither provide feedback not test Krita, so it’s off-topic.