''She's about to say something wise, isn't she..'' (with time-lapse video)

I absolutely love the RGBA brushes with the animated .gih tips. already made a few variants and will be playing with them more


The textures are :weary::ok_hand: muah !

Thank you for sharing!

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I really like this a lot!

The drawing flows really nicely and then the palette and selective use of texture/detail really elevates it! :+1:

Are you using the pixel engine RGBA brushes here, or have you delved into the Krita 5 alpha? So many possibilities now for brushmaking! :sweat_smile:


thank you!

@Mythmaker i got v. 4.4.3. , main brush is based on ‘rgba_04_impasto’ with custom brush tips. -I need to make some more variants of those… and ‘tilted pencil’ for sharp edges. these are very close to what I’m looking for and could be just that with a little more tweaking


Woooooow! I am always amazed how you pack so much subtle color in your paintings. They look so colorful, yet still moody and dark. I love your style! :smiley:

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i see that you’re not scared of useing and experimenting many different colors with each other.
very beautiful indeed.

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I wonder how you get such sharp lines with the tilted pencil, I feel like I have to make it 10px wide to get a hint of accuracy !

the brush is sharp on one side, with mirror flip and eraser mode the control is pretty good and feels natural
(it’s ‘c)_pencil-5_Tilted’ to be more specific ( requires a tilt sensive tablet ) )


Been following your YT channel for some time and really happy to see you using Krita and the results of it (though your work is awesome regardless of which tools you use)

& Really happy to see the continuing improvements on the RGBA brushes

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The composition, the process, the final piece… amazing!

Say amen if you love Peter! AMEN!

AMEN, brother! :smiley:

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Always love how there are many colors in your work and all just work so well together. :grin: Been following your channel for quite a while in Youtube and it’s a pleasant surprise to find this here.

Gran trabajo amigo.

This is just beautiful, love the colors and the athmosphere of your painting.

…like the workflow.
Your style speaks…great work.
Color Pallet awesome.
…and here is the ‘but’ and yes it’s a taste of ;…lol some more highlights can even makes it more “More”
ThnXs for the Share