Sister by the Sea

My first human painting in Krita. Trying to be loose with my brush strokes, but having difficulty. The sea is not so tight.


It looks great Elixiah!
Your first human painting, wow! Well it should definitely not be your last one :smile:
Bring us more! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!

When I first saw the thumbnail I thought “Why is there a photograph?”, then I read you and opened the image. Professional work! Bravo! :ok_hand:


I’d lose money if someone said the person wasn’t a photograph. I’m assuming she’s based on a reference, of course. The sea and lady are all very masterfully drawn.

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The thumbnail cheated my eye! , great. I like a lot even when is not my style :wink:


Oh my gosh, this looks so realistic! You definitely know how to fool someone. This is phenomenal, keep up the amazing work!

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Awesome artwork!

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Excellent Work!

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LOL, I thought this was a photo until I clicked on it. Looks good! :+1:

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Wow! Just wow!

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oh my god, I thought it was an actual picture at first :sob: :sob:, great job

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It is so good when I saw it I thought “I thought it was Krita, not photography!”
That’s how good it is.

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When I look at this from a distance I thought It was a photograph! I love the realism!

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This looks like a photo! Great work!

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Wow! :open_mouth::hushed: I too thought this was a photo at first. Most excellent job! :open_mouth:

wowowowowowowooww… simply superb!

It looks photorealistic which is very amazing!

I was debating whether or not it was a photo or a painting until I clicked

This is fantastic!