Small watercolor and lineart bundle

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I felt that default watercolor brushes and line ones didn’t really suit my needs, therefore I created them out of default ones. There are four watercolor brushes with varying hardness (soft, medium, hard, blurry/airbrush-esque) and five line/sketch brushes (rough G-Pen, fine G-Pen, pencil-esque tip, marker-like tip, slightly transparent rough pen). I frequently use them to create anime-styled drawings for a while, so I’m finally releasing that bundle. Hope you find them useful (and feel free to tweak them as much as you want). Works with Krita 5.0 and above

Download here


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Awesome, thanks for sharing! :blush:

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You’re welcome :3

Thank you very much.

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Thanks, I will test these.

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@Sooz @lian00 hope, you enjoy them :slight_smile:


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