Smart Guides

Smart Guides are temporary snap‑to guides that appear when you create or manipulate objects or artboards. They help you align, edit, and transform objects or artboards relative to other objects, artboards, or both by snap-aligning and displaying X, Y location, and delta values., this is a very useful feature to create the great composition.

For example, smart guides helps you to position the object in the center of the canvas.

Or something like this.

For example, Photoshop, Illustrator, Gravit Designer and Figma (maybe something else) have a Smart Guides feature and it’s very helps to save the time, but this feature more appropriate for the design tool than to digital painting, but i think this very useful feature and it will be simplify the making of beautiful composition in Krita.


Yes! I have been wanting this too! :grin: It’s one of the few reasons I don’t use Krita for designwork. I would love to use Krita for designs and such, but the lack of this feature makes it hard to use Krita for that.

I use Affinity Photo from time to time because it has this feature, but I sometimes wish Affinity Photo had Krita’s features and brushes, since I like to do some brushwork in my designs