Sneak peak on the new search feature in Krita

I don’t think this was posted here. So for those who missed it on Twitter and other social media.
Krita 5.0 will have a search feature which will let you search through actions, layers etc.
Check out the video:


I’m looking forward to using the feature! Has the default UI changed in Krita 5.0? It looks really sleek!

Yes there is really nice work being done by @scottyp and @Animtim to make the UI more polished. We did take some of the feedback given here on the UI paper cuts thread.

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hi, is the search triggered by a shortcut?

Yes the shortcut is Ctrl + Enter

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looks awesome ! Similar to the Blender system :slight_smile: Cool to see how Krita is developed . I am telling my friends in illustration industry that Krita will be as successful as Bleder in 3d just give it a bit more of time :slight_smile: any news about when Krita 5 beta will be relase ?

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very cool! :grinning:

This is really cool looking.

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