So many layer styles to play with

realized i hadn’t used all those layer styles, mostly the hidden ones. this is a normal paint layer of bokeh balls with two layers of XOR layers above, showing how one and two layers of intersecting XOR affect the lower layer. excited to use this for animation, this was just another quick experiment


oh yeh, the XOR layer style is under binary

That actually looks pretty cool. Now you can make a psychedelic music video. :slight_smile:

Maybe something like this

I’ve got it on Loop play and have been staring at it for a while.
I really ought to stop.

i went through so many iterations over 2 or 3 hours, still learning what krita can and can’t do. still have to try combining multiple layer styles in different orders to see what happens, but there’s too many combinations really!

It’s funny that you call it because i was just finishing a psychedelic “music video” yesterday. Maybe you wanna check it out :smile: Psychedelic Mandala Animation

looks good, did you make the music too? i also like that longer animation you made with the trees. how do you feel about the animation curves? it looked like you probably used the beziers for some parts? i love them but they really need some refinement to use easily. also, i play an old synthesizer and am going to make videos with krita for music i have made. here’s some of my synthesizer sounds

No the music is a part “Ciara” by Óperentzia, slightly mixed to fit in the 28 seconds. Oh interesting that you checked them out, i never know how many people see them as only few press the heart button.

Yes i used some beziers on the Tuto animation. I like the function, but it heavily drops the performance of krita on my PC. It sometimes breaks and test drives take like 40 seconds to load everytime with all those transformation masks. I’m honestly not sure if its the program or my hardware. So i can’t use too many.

Interesting sounds, although most sound pretty mechanical/metallic to me and i’m mostly listening to soft melodic stuff. :smiley:

yeah, i never press the heart button ever anywhere, honestly i really don’t enjoy the modern social media thumb up thumb down or heart button thing, it’s unpalatable in so many ways to me. BUT i so very much enjoy people being able to share their arts and musics openly online and elsewhere.

i feel like a crash tester with what i do. my computer specs are better since i got a new old one (dell precision m4800 i74800mq 16gb 500gb ssd). but still i’m finding the boundaries of what will crash krita. experimenting with the settings can help, ram and swap etc… i wish there was a chart or something to help describe how to optimize the settings, many people seem to have problems that could maybe be easily fixed with settings.

after losing some projects from crashes, i’ve resorted to making copies and experimenting with those, it’s almost like using a filter layer instead of a filter because it’s non-destructive. i still wait a lot for rendering, but that’s how it works with smaller older machines.

i understand krita is a painting program, which is why i started using it at all (the brush engines are soooo good), but the work they put into the animation is so close to making it completely amazing that i really want to see that part grow respectively.

Those specs are better in almost any way then what i have haha. Yeah i do just wanna explore how far you can go with animations and i see it getting better and better (for example with Krita 5.0) which is really exiting. For longer animation projects/ movies though one must probably create a different file for every scene and put them together in an external video cutting program.

I’m not a fan a social media myself but I’m glad I finally decided to join the Krita community to learn to better use this software.
I would never have thought of doing what you did to get such cool effect. Thanks for the inspiration!

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