Some advice about Krita

Warning: my English is not good, this article has many whimsical places, and the whole machine translation
Let’s get down to business
First of all, there is the problem of community zoning. In fact, now everyone is in the same district, which will cause inconvenience in communication. I suggest that we divide the country by labeling, which can improve the feedback efficiency and reduce the rejection rate so high
The problem is that I want one brush to have two features at the same time. For example, if I want a mask brush, I have to use the pixel engine. If I want it to have a smudge effect at the same time, I cannot do it
Third, I want to add a brush combination function, because, after all, only mask mask brush, the combination function similar to layer a brush in the next, but not limited to two combinations, such as I want to be a luminous hollow brush, can put a light brush below, in the middle of a ordinary brush, brush, of a blend mode to subtract above the Above at this moment can produce some conflict, such as the hybrid model, is applied to all or just below the middle a brush, then can increase a set, such as color, in combination of brush, some brush can take color alone, but some of the brush with is the main body color, edge like a proposal before dark, you can use this combination to solve, Need to lower a common brush, reduce its brightness, a common brush above can be solved.
The fourth point is that I hope the Android version of Krita to simplify the interface, THE Ps interface is definitely the main reason to discourage new people, for Android devices, the interface is too large, even incomplete display, I suggest to simplify the interface like ProCreate, Painter
The fifth point, texture pattern, is too simple, I suggest that we can add rotation mode and deformation mode like Painter
Finally, I wish Krita better and better

Is this necessary? I think people in all countries can build their own communities. It is actually language that reduces the efficiency of communication, but it is impossible for us to set up special translators.

Yes, this is a limitation at present

It looks like something I mentioned.
New concept: minor brush - Develop / Feature Requests - Krita Artists (

Officials have plans, but wait until QT6 later.

It’s also what I want, but it doesn’t seem simple.

Thank you for your feedback❛˓◞˂̵✧