Some dockers are not available in the dockers list

So I’m trying to toggle a docker (storyboard, to be exact) but I can’t seem to find it in the list of dockers in Krita. After checking the list of dockers Krita has, I found that there are some others that are lost too.
What can I do to solve this?
Here’s my dockers list for reference:

Some dockers come from python plugins. Make sure they are enabled there?

Oh! I think that I disabled it when I downloaded it. Now how do I enable it again?

It is in “Settings” → “Configure Krita” and then at the bottom of the sidebar in “Python something” (sorry, I actually can’t take a look into Krita).


Hmm. I just looked into it and saw that I enabled most of it but the ones I didn’t enable is not related to the dockers part at all.

You could try deleting the “kritarc” settings file to let Krita recreate it. However, you will lose your individual settings, so copy the file to another folder, so you can restore it if it doesn’t fix your problem.
On Windows you will find this file at the end of the path “c:\Users\{YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME}\AppData\Local\”, it is directly in this directory and NOT in a subfolder of it. Where to find this file on Linux or macOS, you can read here.

If you can’t fix your issue this way, please tell us your operating system and your version of Krita, so we can help you more specifically, it makes it easier for everyone.


Hmmmm. Since I am not an adminstrator, I can’t open the files. Sorry! :expressionless:
My operating system is Windows and I’m on Krita version 4.4.8 by the way?

Oh, I thought you had it before and not anymore.

Well there is your problem. You need to get 5.0 beta for Storyboard.

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Okay, the storyboard has cleared up, but you should be able to set up access to the configuration files yourself (not now, but sometimes needed), without administrator rights. You have to enable access to hidden files and folders in Windows, then you can also find this path and the files it contains, how to do that you can find here.


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