Some Feature Request

Hello… I have some feature requests for Krita…

01. Red Dot Indicator for Eraser Mode

When we work a long time on Krita, Brush mode and Eraser Mode become confusing… like if we are working on fullscreen mode there is no toolbar… so we don’t know for sure which Mode we are Currently on just looking at the brush tip. So I think if Eraser Mode have a Red Dot or something like that then we visually know which mode we currently on. Like this…

Blender Grease Pencil had a similar thing…

Ps. Reference Purpose Only

02. Saving in Krita

When We try to Save a Document on Krita, First We save .kra or .PSD file so we can reopen the file and continue the work. then we save an output Image file like .jpg or .png.
But The problem is in Krita after saving a .jpg or .png file if we hit Ctrl+S then it overwrites the .jpg file, not the main .Kra or .PSD file we saved Previously. Even the backup file also continuously created based on that .jpg.
So I Think if Krita is working more like this then it’s more convenient.

  1. 1st user saves a .Kra or .PSD file
  2. Then save a .jpg or any image file
  3. now if user hit ‘save’ or ‘save as’ then Krita replace the previously saved .Kra or .PSD( Re Editable Format) file, not the jpg file.
  4. The backup file always Created Based on previously saved .kra or .PSD (Re Editable Format) File. I not sure but I think Krita create backup file based on .jpg ( after the jpg is saved) is not necessary.

    Krita save backup file after saving a Jpg

03. Save As Pop Up Menu
This Feature is to make Krita more Unique… when we hit Save As Krita open a file browser. But instead, if Krita will open a Pop Up File Format Menu then it would be more fun…

PS: I Add Pop Up From Affinity Designer for Reference Purposes Only

Krita already had Pop Up Option Menus for some major formats. I am just asking merging all together and Make a One & Only Save As Pop Up menu.

04. Organize Save As File Type and Export:

Save As & Export in Krita is the Same. Like This

This is Save As

This is Export & Its Same.

So I think It Would Great

  1. Categorize File Type Like PDF, Gif, Ico, R8 Heightmap this type of File Format is going to the Export
  2. In Save As .Kra File Format Always in Top of the list and Then Serial by Most popular file formats
  3. I think All Supported File Format(Now On The Top on Krita) is not so Important
  4. If Developers Give Us the Pop Up Menu (Like 03) Then we get two separate Pop Up Menu for Save As (Most Used File Formats) and Export.

    Ps. Reference Purpose Only

Thank You, Everyone, and All The Developers who made this wonderful Software Krita. And Sorry For my little bit of odd English. Have a Great Day.


We had a long discussion and some work was done by @scottyp for a eraser mode differentiation, ultimately like all UI thread here there were many personal preferences and request and the work got drowned. I would like to request @scottyp to work on it again.

This seems like a good solution.

You should use export for that and not save or save as. When you save or save as the current open document becomes the newly saved document. It is logical that way. You have to export the document then it doesn’t replace the current open document with the exported one.


Thank you… :smiley: :smiley:

I don’t really care for that red dot setup, it would get in the way and make it harder to tell when you’ve reached the desired amount of erasing. Though I would be fine with the crosshairs/tip shape outline changing color. You’d get the same general benefit without obscuring the working area.

Those are all great ideas.
But yeah I had the same issue with the way Save As works, which is different from most other programs. In Krita that’s “Export”, so I assigned Ctrl+Alt+S to Export instead.

The red dot or reddish cursor idea seems like a good idea. Much better than those proposed on the other thread, red is way more universal than some lines that have no meaning.

For the save as as stated you need to export instead. There is no issue there in Krita. However the menus would be fancy for sure.

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Great ideas! Eraser differentiation would be very helpful; am all for the red dot or outline. And the visual save menu looks fun, especially as there are many different types of save; the colourful visual mode could make it easier to find file types.

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