Stylus Lenovo Pen Not Working

I just install Krita on my Lenovo Idea Pad Flex 5 and I tried to draw on it using the Stylus Lenovo Pen but nothing appeared :frowning: if I using my finger it appeared but its like stuck/delay/lagging…(?) The pen works fine on the paint 3D. I dont know what to do anymore pls help meee!!! ps;sorry for my bad english

:slight_smile: Hello and welcome to the forum @jaenys!

Probably the driver for the pen will not be configured properly yet.

Would you be so kind to tell us which operating system you are using and which version of Krita you are using (it will be shown in Krita’s splash screen at startup, or when you click “About Krita” in Krita’s help menu)? If possible, a more specific type designation for your stylus would be nice, as your IdeaPad works and ships with several models from Lenovo, plus any models that support the Wacom AES standard (WAES) will work as well. Do you have driver software installed for your stylus? This information will probably be helpful to solve your problem, if possible.

If you use Windows you could try to switch between the settings “WinTab” and “Windows 8+ Pointer Input (Windows Ink)” in the settings of Krita under “Krita” >> “Configure Krita” >> “Tablet settings”, quite often this has already helped - it’s just a try, it doesn’t break anything.

And about your English, I could understand it well, but if you have big problems with English and if your user picture should match your nationality (I associate it with China), then the Chinese Krita community could possibly help you too, at least you get support in Chinese there. >> QQ group: 735285940

And maybe there are other forum members who can help here, have ideas about your problem.


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