Suggestion for a Minimalist Popup Palette

Hello guys, how are you?

Recently I’ve been thinking about a new way of thinking about Krita’s Popup Palette. It is a very interesting tool.

I’m posting this little suggestion with a more minimalist goal.

I saw in some topics that some artists use a lot of brushes, which is not particularly my case, as an artist I use a maximum of four or five brushes per project.

Anyway, thinking about it, I added a small button (…) that maybe can be “grabbed” and the person can move and select other brushes on the wheel.

Other suggestions I thought was to better distribute the elements of the palette so that it is more clean and dynamic.

On the palette itself I added the buttons that floated around it.

I know that the Krita project is created by many dedicated people and the software has a lot to add to the world!

I hope I have helped the community with these suggestions.

Thank you!!

Artboard 1|400x225


Hi Dougerbert.
Did you saw the topic about pop-up palette? I think you may put all you suggestions here. Popup Palette enhancements

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Yes I did, but I also read one of the moderates commenting that it would be better to do a new topic if it was a different suggestion. Or maybe I got it wrong. If you want to attach to this topic, feel free. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I messed up the forum topics.

Hmm, actually, I understand you. Topic with a lot of post is harder to read - for a one suggestion is ten general comments.
I don’t know, @raghukamath, does it the possible to unify similar topics to subcategory or parent topic, without merging into single topic? Some modules and sides of Krita is always will be in a discussion – dockers, windows, animation, or like this one – pop-up palette. May be it would be easyer to navigate in development/feature request section if some thematic tree have been exist.

Alot better than the original.

I’ll look into a subcategory or may be a tags route. Currently there are one or two posts for each topic. If we get a lots may be we need a subcategory. A subcategory with few posts will be a bit overkill.

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