Summer rain

This is my submission for the Four Seaons of Leon and Kiki drawing challenge.
I wanted to do a piece on the hardships of Kiki and Leon’s art journey.

[Description: It was a long day. Kiki’s equipment broke and the two of them were on their way back from shopping for new equipment when it started pouring. Leon notices tears in Kiki’s eyes and tries to cheer her up.

Leon: “Kiki, are you crying?”
Kiki: “No, no… it’s just… the rain…”]

I painted this after it rained so hard that my house flooded, so sorry if it’s a little gloomy. I don’t want to bring this stuff up, but bad things can happen on your art journey, and sometimes bad things can happen one after another. You need to keep moving forward otherwise you’ll never get to the good things. I sincerely believe that the universe will somehow balance out all the bad things that have happened to you with good things, eventually. if you’re in a difficult situation on your art journey, just know that it’ll eventually pass and you’ll find your way again. Just look for ways to keep doing art, even if it’s just a little bit everyday. Motivation and inspiration will find you if you keep trying. Never give up on making art!