Surfing Wavez

Hi, first time posting here but a long time Krita user.

Here is my submission, Kiki and Leon taking off a wave in Polynesia, which it’s only summer out there

Higher resolution and progress HERE

There’s a lot of things to cover in this artwork, i’ll try to share the most that i can have (and remember).

So for the characters, i’ve searched for a design that is almost only for Kiki lol (i took Leon’s design on the Contest page), i made her a surf outfit with a ponytail, keeping the main colors of both and the black to remind the graphic tablet. Also having the logos on their gear and made a big Krita pearl for Kiki, overall really simple things in these two.

For the background, i’ve made some composition sketches but i finally used this image as main inspiration and changed some things like the angle, colors, the reef underwater…
I used some brushes here and there from the default ones to @Deevad and @Pyteo Concept and Illustration bundles for the painting but i quickly moved to the pastels brushes from the Digital Atelier bundle, they give a so good feeling for painting the reef and waves especially the foam, i love the texture it gives. Combining these with the Oil Palette Knives to give little cool motion blur effects. The Distort Move Brush was also a good help, i use it everytime to correct my drawings, always useful.

Here is an early stage of the illustration that i’ve shown to a friend because i didn’t save the wips before merging them all for performance issues

I tried to make instead a layer breakdown of the illustration that i recommend you to check here with the help of the snapshot tool and exporting the steps as a GIF in GIMP.
Talking about it, i also used GIMP to make the characters reflections with the Displacement map filter because Krita did not have this feature, i could do this myself by hand but i wanted to try this. So i adapted the texture to the wave form and applied the filter on the reflections.(i followed this tutorial)

Finally here is a screenshot of my layer management mess

You can see various usings some transparent masks, clipping groups, color curves, glowing effects on water droplets etc, also i forgot, a water drop layer on the characters made with this j)_WaterC_Basic_Round-Fringe_02 from Watercolor bundle. Hm what else, i used G’MIC Depth of field Blur and a little bit of Additive Noise for the last touches.
And i think that is all? Drawing on a very old Bamboo fun tablet(2009) maybe?? Lol, merci d’avoir lu :wink:


hmm i feel you there…

I have the same … with tape around the wire since the plastic is starting break… :sweat_smile:

Also no tilt feature x) A thunderbolt almost killed mine by passing through the cable with a little flash xD

Damn it i didn’t saw i failed the last link, i edited my post really quick in late night sorry.
Here’s the right link to the tutorial