Svg export issue

I have an image that I would like to convert to .svg

The image has only one layer and is a solid color. My intension is to extrude the shape in Blender. (so if the “best” answer is to use a different method, then tell me how to better accomplish that goal)

I have gone to Layer → Impor/Export → Save Vector Layer as SVG…

My problem is that this last part is greyed out and not an actual option. The original image is a PNG, but I have Saved As… .KRA hoping that would help the conversion. I used a PNG because I only want to extrude the shape and wanted actual blank space (not background/white-space) outlining the shape. I accept that this might not be necessary, but I have not done this before.

The advice I received from the Blender add-on for Import Images As Planes was to try using an SVG image instead of a PNG. I still think that might work and would still like to know why I can not use the Layer → Import/Export → Save Vector Layer as SVG… method. Do I need to make some other transition to my layer type or something? Please help

Hi @Robert_Bartlett - Welcome to the forum.

I believe the option to export as svg is only available for vector layers. It sounds like you are working with a raster (paint) layer.

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If the shape you have is fairly simple, you can redraw it on a vector layer over the raster layer (as a guide), then Export the vector layer as .svg.

For a more complicated shape you may want to try Inkscape (a well known FOSS vector graphics application) which has the ability to create a vector image based on an imported raster image.
I don’t know how it does that or the particular tool involved but someone here may know or there will be YouTube (etc) tutorials available.

Can you upload a picture of what you have at the moment, to give a better idea of what you’re working with?