Symmetry Tiled brush painting

Is this possible in Krita:

The Multiwarp tool has symmetry and mirror. I feel like there is a setting that can make this type of effect possible. The above I drew in Gimp with Symmetry Tiling feature.

Wondering if this is possible in Krita. I normally use it to cover a large area with details easily and then go in and add more unique details.

I think you mean the Multibrush Tool?

I know two ways of making that kind of tiled pattern.
Both start with using View → Wrap Around Mode, for which you need to have canvas graphics acceleration enabled in Settings → Configure Krita → Display → Canvas Acceleration tab.

In wrap around mode, you are shown what your image would look like when tiled. You can zoom out, not to a very large extent, to see the how it would look and you can paint anywhere on the zoomed out and tiled image.
That is useful for designing a tiled image.
Having done that, turn wrap around mode off, then Export the image as .png so that you can then import it as a Pattern.
That pattern can then be used in krita for Flood Fill with a pattern or anything else that uses patterns.

Further, when you’ve designed the tiled pattern and it’s on the canvas, you can then use the GMIC filters to create a tiled image that uses the image on the canvas.
It’s ‘Array [Regular]’ in the Arrays and Tiles section.
Before you do that, I suggest that you do Image → Trim to Image Size to remove any off-canvas content that may have been accidentally created, which is easy to do.

You adjust X-Tiles and Y-Tiles for the number of repeats that you want.
Do Size as Repeat [Memory Consuming] to generate a multiple of the original size, then press OK.
The created repeated tiled image will be mostlly off-canvas so you’ll then need to do Image → Trim to Current Layer to resize the canvas to accomodate it.

Creating a pattern and using it in e.g. Flood Fill, as explained initially, may seem more involved and fiddly but the pattern can be scaled by sliders in the Tool Optiosn docker of many tools that can use patterns, such as the Flood Fill tool and the Brush Editor when you’re making a pattered brush preset.


Another possibility is from using multibrush tool and copy translate option. you can manually add the points of copies so it is not so accurate in placement.


@ AhabGreybeard Thanks for the suggestions. Yeah, my bad. I meant the Multibrush Tool. I am aware of these methods but prefer a more dynamic and very flexible approach which enables me to make changes easily and very quickly on the fly.

These methods require too many steps when you could just easily paint it hence why I am asking if its possible :slightly_smiling_face:

@raghukamath Thanks. I tried this method, and like you mentioned its not accurate when placing points. I feel like an additional feature called Tiling mode should be added where you can specify the placement of brushes based on pixel size?

This is from Gimp:Gimp 2.9.5 == 15 min Symmetry challenge-3. Tile Mode - YouTube
The Tiling mode settings are very easy to use by specifying pixel size interval in both X and Y so the copy locations are accurate. :slightly_smiling_face:
Krita has better performance and very intuitive when painting hence I prefer Krita for painting textures :slightly_smiling_face:

To solve the placement problem, I posted this sometime ago: Multibrush Copy Translate Save Config/ Generate positions on grid

Maybe a way to generate the placement of the copy translate brushes by pixel distance intervals in X and Y?

the translate option is close to what we need, may be it should be refined to place the coordinates automatically.

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@raghukamath Yeah, that would be nice. Maybe you guys could add something like this?:


Would this be easy to add or implement? I use this feature a lot while painting :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe in Krita 5.2?

I am wondering maybe it can be a plugin or script for people who need it?

It should be easy to implement, like a few days of work. But it still needs someone to have those few days to do this :slight_smile:

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Ok. Thank you :pray: Very grateful that you guys are considering adding it.

Whenever it can be added, it will be in the nightly build for 5.2? :slightly_smiling_face:

That can’t be promised. As tiar said there needs to be someone who will implement it.

I know. I was just saying I am grateful its being considered at all. He could have said it was not possible. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope he finds someone that can implement it. If he doesn’t, that is also okay.

I apprciate the work of the Krita devs and I know the tasks they handle is not easy.

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I’m not a he :wink: it’s good to use “they” if you don’t know, or just repeat the nick, though some people might also have their pronouns in the bio.

Also have you checked the clone brush?


Nope. → She! :wink:


Edit/Add: Again, I didn’t notice a post while I’m writing! LOL :rofl:
The story continues…

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@tiar My apologies. Sorry. :pray:

I noticed the Clone brush has a mirror feature but I prefer the multibrush tool as I am painting directly and not cloning. Also I can set how many tiles I can paint in one go. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know. Made a mistake.Thanks for the correction :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:

There is yet one more precise way in krita.

Check clone array. It is available in layer > split > clone array.

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Yeah, I am aware of that method. Isn’t as intuitive and performance drops drastically while using it due to the number of clone layers especially when using 4x4 which is 16 or 8x8 which is 32 clone layers. Painting becomes really very slow especially when painting like a 4k or 8k map.

Tiled brush painting with the Multibrush performance is okay and more intuitive and dynamic from my own personal experience using it. It just needs that Interval X and Y and it would be perfection :ok_hand:

@tiar Hey, just wanted to humbly ask if you guys were able to find anyone on the team who has the time to add it.

Feel free to ignore this post, if I might be bothering you. Hope you all are doing well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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